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Starfox Assault 


Starfox Assault is one of those video games that shatters Nintendo’s squeaky clean video game carefully crafted image. This Gamecube game is not as bad as many out there, but that does not excuse it for its content, nor does it do anything to help this game in its scoring. Starfox Assault feels like an attempt to take Fox McCloud down the disastrous path of the disgusting Grand Theft Auto series. The core of this game is non-stop destruction, violence, and mind numbing amounts of death. If that was not enough there are female characters acting highly seductively, sexually, and sending gamers all the wrong messages.

Starfox Assault was obviously an attempt by Nintendo to court the niche ultra aggressive, anti-social, school shooter kind of gamers. The violence is so often, and over the top that it took me nearly a month to detox my brain from the damaging effects. At least I hope the violent brainwashing is completely out of my system.

I was not too pleased with the music in Starfox Assault. The Gamecube has some games with decent music, but this game needs a brand new orchestra. The music does get interrupted with explosions, shooting, and other such boring sounds at a high frequency. What is shocking about Starfox Assault is the bad language I found in this game. Some of it is mild, but certainly has no place in a video game coming from Nintendo.

Nintendo usually includes quite a bit of unlockable content in their games. Starfox Assault is no exception to that rule. The problem with the extra content is none of it feels like much of a reward to me. Take the ancient shooter unlockable game of Xevious for example. That felt more like a punishment than a reward to me. Starfox Assault is not worth your money.

Starfox Assault allows the player to get out of the vehicles, run around, and get into certain other vehicles. Exploring the region is not always viable since there are plenty of time limits on missions. What is the point of letting us roam freely, but require we do certain things in a certain amount of time? The mission directions can also be confusing in some levels, and that let to a high degree of frustration on my part.

Saving the galaxy from the bad guy by blowing up everything in sight is the main lesson Starfox Assault taught me. I could not even see the characters I played as being good guys because of their many bad attitudes, disrespect, and other such issues.
- Luke


Graphics: 51%
Sound: 64%
Replay/Extras: 67%
Gameplay: 64%
Family Friendly Factor: 61%
System: Gamecube
Publisher: Nintendo
Rating: 'T' for Teen
{Fantasy Violence}

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