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Sorry Aggravation Scrabble jr 


The WMG is always excited about video games that give the consumer some real value for their buying dollars. Sorry Aggravation Scrabble Jr on the Gameboy Advance (GBA) can be found for under ten US Dollars. That is a little over three dollars a game. The three board games are traditionally duplicated on the Gameboy Advance (GBA). The one problem with this DSI Games compilation is the lack of instructions. If you are not familiar with the rules to some of these games then you may struggle with playing them. The WMG had to look up directions on one of them (online), and figure out another with just trial and error.

Let us be perfectly honest here when it comes to the graphics. Few people who are currently playing the GBA play it for the graphical capabilities. There are some bright and colorful graphics found within these games, but there are also few details. Scrabble Jr is the exception as there are some nice background images. The WMG did not find any offensive graphics while playing Sorry Aggravation Scrabble Jr.

DSI Games really skimped on the sounds in Sorry Aggravation Scrabble Jr. The WMG was hoping for more songs, some special effects sounds, etc - well the WMG was disappointed. There are no offensive sounds, but there are few sounds to discuss so this one is below average.

Multiple players can play Sorry Aggravation Scrabble Jr if no one minds passing one GBA around. This is the biggest flaw to this design. Who wants to play board games by themselves against the computer all day long? If that is you then Sorry Aggravation Scrabble Jr is for you.

The WMG wishes there was fun playing this compilation but there was not a lot to be had (editor: at least in this reviewers opinion). The button layout is intelligent since only two buttons are ever needed, and mainly only one button is ever used.

Sorry Aggravation Scrabble Jr is very safe for everyone in the family. DSI Games needs to make sequels to this one, and include some connectivity in them. If there were easier ways to play these games with others it would have rated much higher.
- Working Man Gamer


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 74%
Replay/Extras: 73%
Gameplay: 79%
Family Friendly Factor: 88%
System: Gameboy Advance
Publisher: DSI Games
Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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