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Scurge Hive 


Scurge Hive is a bargain bin Nintendo DS video game that I found while doing some retail research. It is a Metroid clone that accentuates the violence at the highest degree possible for an E10+ rated video game. These creatures start to take over ships, colonies, space stations; etc. Yeah the story has been played countless times before. Did I forget to mention the main character is a female? The next biggest problem behind the violence, and blood is the layout of the screen. The game levels have been shifted 45 degrees. To go north the player must press up and right on the D pad at the same time. This layout ruins any potential this game had.

The graphics in Scurge Hive are small on both the Nintendo DS, and the Gameboy Advance. The DS version is slightly better (editor: if you stare at it long enough, and before you start seeing stars). The level of visual violence is higher than any war zone footage I have seen.

The sounds in Scurge Hive are pretty annoying. Scurge Hive is a blatant Metroid clone, just worse in every regard. The constant blasting, explosions, and death wore me out. It was an amazing chore to play this video game. I felt like I had fallen into a pit of mud with a lot of pigs. I found a few choice words while playing this game that you do not want your children becoming enslaved to.

There is zero reason to play Scurge Hive, let alone replay it. Save your money for a good video game, or maybe a book. After playing such a bad video game I think I need to spend some time reading where my time will be actually rewarded. I will say that I see a reward for every single person who reads my review and avoids this one.

Scurge Hive has the absolute worst control scheme. Why developers make games this way infuriates me to no end. It is like people who have been told the truth, ignore it, and repeat lies that have already been disproven. Southpeak Interactive owes the entire video game community an apology for such an anti-family video game. Don’t worry I will not be holding my breath for one. After all they made Scurge Hive, so chances of them doing the right things are slim.

Scurge Hive teaches all the wrong things. Violently solve your problems through death and destruction. No sequels are ever needed to this franchise. Scurge Hive attacks good traditional morals.
- Luke


Graphics: 58%
Sound: 62%
Replay/Extras: 59%
Gameplay: 49%
Family Friendly Factor: 56%
System: Nintendo DS/Gameboy Advance
Publisher: Southpeak Interactive
Rating: 'E10+' for Everyone 10+
{Animated Blood, Fantasy Violence}

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