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Project Gotham Racing 


Project Gotham Racing is one of those Platinum Hits on the Xbox that I had to check out. I enjoy a good racing game, and other media outlets have fawned all over this game. One of the bragging points of Project Gotham Racing is the real radio station sounds found in the different cities. Players earn kudos from running races based upon their performance as they run their vehicle on different tracks. Thankfully Microsoft included an almost normal racing against other vehicles mode.

If you like eye candy then Project Gotham Racing will be right up your alley. There are no lane changes when it comes to the visuals in this Xbox video game (editor: which can be played on the Xbox 360). The different vehicles look realistic, and have a nice shine to them. The different cities look similar to the real life locations from my personal experience in some of them. Vehicles also take damage from accidents.

My biggest disappointment with Project Gotham Racing is the sounds. I was shocked at some of the foul mouth language in this game. The radio station idea is interesting, but there was not one station I would listen to included.

If you enjoy racing games, and one that is rather non-traditional then there is a lot to replay. There are plenty of vehicles to unlock in Project Gotham Racing as well. I personally am not into this kind of racing action.

I really wish there had been a normal racing mode in Project Gotham Racing. The whole kudos thing was just annoying. I would have to retry some races countless times because I did not get enough kudos. Never mind that I did not hit any cones, and ran a flawless victory race. The controls work, but are not the way I would prefer them.

It really is a shame that Microsoft included such atrocious language in Project Gotham Racing. It really drags this game down. The racing action is generally family friendly, especially since there is little competition in the main mode. There is competitive racing and Project Gotham Racing treats it like all other racing games. Beat your competition at all costs. It was a chore to play and review this game.
- Frank


Graphics: 89%
Sound: 68%
Replay/Extras: 81%
Gameplay: 74%
Family Friendly Factor: 76%
System: Xbox
Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Rating: 'E' for
{Mild Lyrics}
{Includes demo rated ‘T’ for Teen}

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