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Pokemon Rumble Trading Card Game 


Pokemon Rumble has made a splash on the Wii, so what would be next for the franchise? A card/board game. Well it may not be exactly a board, more like a poster. That is okay because it looks good. Pokemon Rumble Box comes with 16 exclusive Pokemon Trading Cards, including three all foil cards. There are four energy dice, and one target die. There are also 52 damage counters, fourteen player markers, and the full color Battle Royale game mat. Thankfully there are also directions included.

The artwork of the Pokemon looks a lot like they do in Pokemon Rumble. There is a soft look to most of the Pokemon. A few look vicious, but children will already have their favorites. The Battle Royale game mat looks a lot like the game play area from the WiiWare game it represents. There are various Pokemon types, and the only ones that bothered me were the ghosts.

While I was playing Pokemon Rumble Trading Card Game I got to hear a lot of sounds from the younger players. They told me which Pokemon they choose, and offered certain information concerning these Pokemon. The game has no sound bytes. The cards have elemental information as well as hit points, and attacks.

Two to seven players can play Pokemon Rumble Trading Card Game at a time. The recommended age is ten years and older. I am sure that younger ages will enjoy Pokemon Rumble Trading Card Game. Just take time to explain the rules and how this game is played. I found there is a lot of replay value to this game, and it is very expandable with other cards.

Family can enjoy time together playing Pokemon Rumble Trading Card Game. I like how easy this game is compared to so many other card games. I would like to see more games like this in the near future. We will be looking into additional cards for Pokemon Rumble Trading Card Game. I had fun playing this game, and like how nice the package is.
- Paul


Graphics: 68%
Sound: 64%
Replay/Extras: 75%
Gameplay: 73%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%
System: Card Game
Publisher: Nintendo
Rating: 'NR' for Not Rated

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