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There have been enough requests for a review of Pokemon Colosseum that the WMG got the chore of reviewing this Gamecube title. Some Pokemon video games are decent, and others feel like the franchise is being milked. No matter how good or bad the Pokemon game is, they all seem to sell. If the WMG could ever figure out that formula, a rich gamer the WMG would be. This Gamecube title is also a lot darker than the previous Pokemon games. Pokemon essentially get turned evil, and the player must steal them from their trainers, and purge them of their demonic natures. That is how the player gets to try and ‘catch em all’ this time. There is also Gameboy Advance connectivity for those owners of Pokemon Ruby, Sapphire, FireRed, or LeafGreen.

The visual aspects of Pokemon Colosseum are a big disappointment to the WMG. Not a lot of colors, the animation of the Pokemon are way too similar, and tons of Pokemon upon Pokemon fighting.

The music in Pokemon Colosseum is okay. The special effect sounds of many of the Pokemon get on this reviewer’s nerves. The darkness to the characters verbal bantering are also an issue in this Gamecube video game. There are a few words in this game that the WMG would not want children repeating as well.

Nintendo tried to do part role playing game, and part 3D battle simulator. The result in Pokemon Colosseum is that neither feel finished. The story is way too short, and the battling gets extremely boring very quickly. The content of this game make replaying it problematic. Even though you can find Pokemon Colosseum for a few dollars in a lot of places the WMG advises you to save your money.

The controls of Pokemon Colosseum are the best part of the game. They are however not without problems. It is easy to get stuck while trying to run around town, and the game can be vague about what to do next. In fact the WMG got stuck a few times and got through by re-visiting every town, and talking to every character. This was done most likely to try and artificially extend the life of the story mode. Nintendo did use an intelligent design in the layout of the buttons, and connection to the Gameboy Advance.

How come Pokemon fight each other all the time, yet are always friendly to each other? The core of Pokemon Colosseum is using these (either demonic, or animal) friends to fight others. The goal of this is rather vague, except to win. Ultimately it seems pointless to the WMG. Please let Pokemon rest in peace Nintendo.
- Working Man Gamer


Graphics: 68%
Sound: 70%
Replay/Extras: 64%
Gameplay: 77%
Family Friendly Factor: 67%
System: Gamecube
Publisher: Nintendo
Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Mild Fantasy Violence}

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