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Personal Trainer Cooking 


I was a tad bit skeptical of Personal Trainer Cooking when I first read about it from Nintendo.  When a reviewable copy did not arrive (for some odd reason), I decided to get myself a copy of it, because I had a feeling it would score well with us at Family Friendly Gaming. Obviously my gut feeling was right on track. Personal Trainer Cooking is not really a video game, but an interactive digital cook book. The niche hardcore gamers will not appreciate the beauty of this Nintendo DS title, however millions of families across America will. I have already used Personal Trainer Cooking to surprise my family with a nice warm cooked meal. I plan on using Personal Trainer Cooking to create some more dishes in the very near future as well.

Graphically speaking I was impressed with Personal Trainer Cooking. The images of the different ingredients, as well as the visual instructions are photo-realistic. The little chef that assists is a nice touch.

The audio in Personal Trainer Cooking is really neat as well. Verbal instructions are given along with the visual screens. The only issue I ever ran into was telling this game I was done, or complete with a certain step. The microphone did not always seem to register my input. There is a next button on the screen so it is not that big of an issue. The little extra sounds that go along with the steps fit nicely in my opinion.

Personal Trainer Cooking is one of those Nintendo DS games that can be used for years. It is not the kind of a tool that will be used on a daily basis, unless you use it to assist with every single meal from here on out. There are plenty of recipes available to try.

Personal Trainer Cooking is extremely easy to use, and very handy. In fact I am still impressed with how intelligent the design of Personal Trainer Cooking really is. I found every single minute I spent with Personal Trainer Cooking to be enjoyable. The different ways to search for recipes (by name, ingredient, etc.) makes this DS game very adaptable for a wide variety of people.

I would love to see a sequel to Personal Trainer Cooking. Maybe on the Nintendo DSi so additional recipes can be downloaded. Anyone in the family can pick up Personal Trainer Cooking, and work with it. I would urge parents to supervise children, because knives, and hot stoves are part of the cooking process. Please keep common sense in your household.
- Paul


Graphics: 95%
Sound: 92%
Replay/Extras: 98%
Gameplay: 91%
Family Friendly Factor: 100%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Nintendo
Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Alcohol Reference}

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