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Neopets Quizaras Curse 


A mysterious villain (Quizara) cast a terrible curse on the Neopia faeries. Children get to pick a Neopet to free the faeries from the curse and return them to their homeland. Neopets Quizara’s Curse teaches language art skills. That target audience for this didj hand held learning game is grades 2nd through 4th grade. The complete lessons in this game are sucject-verb agreement, parts of speech, possessive nouns, and contextual spelling. In some ways Neopets Quizara’s Curse is a role playing game, and in others it is a learning game. The magical elements in this game are very light and on the edges.

One of the first things I noticed about Neopets Quizara’s Curse is how bright and colorful it is. The graphics have a soft feel to them that is better than I had hoped for. I love how the Neopets help one another out in this didj game. The main area starts out plenty bland, but as the child collects furniture, it improves. There were no images in Neopets Quizara’s Curse that fit into my definition of offensive.

The music in Neopets Quizara’s Curse is really great.  I could listen to these tracks for hours. Children who played Neopets Quizara’s Curse seemed to like the music as well. The special effect sounds also fit the theme of this game, and enhance the experience beautifully. The theme of freeing people from evil is one parents will appreciate. I did not find any of the language in Neopets Quizara’s Curse to be offensive.

Neopets Quizara’s Curse contains a lot of extra content. There are literally items all over the areas that can be all kinds of different things. The main menu screen contains even more extras, and finally there is online connectivity in this didj game. If you have a child in the age range, Neopets Quizara’s Curse is well worth the entrance fee.

The controls in Neopets Quizara’s Curse are easy to pick up and learn. Walk around via the D-pad, press A to interact with items, and the B button is for the menu screen. The main game play mechanic of this didj game is exploration. Find the faeries and answer questions to free them from the curse. Certain items collected will restore the magic bar, and the health bar. The children whom I let play this game had fun for brief periods of play time.

I would like to see sequels to this franchise. Compared to some of the other didj games, Neopets Quizara’s Curse is a little bit lighter on the learning. The learning that is in this game is more advanced than the other didj games Family Friendly Gaming has reviewed. If your child is not in the age range, then expect to be assisting them.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 92%
Sound: 93%
Replay/Extras: 88%
Gameplay: 85%
Family Friendly Factor: 92%
System: didj
Publisher: Leap Frog
Rating: 'NR' for Not Rated
{Ages 7 - 10}

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