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My Hero Firefighter 


Like most of the men in my family, I am an action hero. So getting to play My Hero Firefighter is right up my alley. This Nintendo DS video game lets players train, and then become a firefighter. There are fires that need to be put out, and people that need to be saved. My personal favorite was getting to save a cat stuck up in a tree. No you do not cut down the tree. You go up in a ladder and bring the feline down. The player also gets to play with an axe, and break in doors. This is done to get to the fires, and save lives. The biggest shocker I got was to find out there is an actual storyline in My Hero Firefighter.

At first I was not impressed with the graphics in My Hero Firefighter. Like a lot of Nintendo DS games that have 3D, there are graphical issues. The story is told through comic book like pictures, and the fires animate wonderfully. I also liked how the fires changed with the water. It is not perfect, as I have been around fires in my life, but they developer did a good job. Bashing in a door to get to a fire did not bother me personally.

My Hero Firefighter has very catchy music that got under my skin. This DS game is very encouraging, and includes a lot of fire safety in it. My Hero Firefighter takes the opportunity to entertain, and impart all important lessons on what to do in a fire situation. There are also warning about fireworks. My Hero Firefighter encourages the player to stop the fires from spreading.

Any of the levels can be replayed, and there are a fair amount of trophies the player can earn. Only one player can play My Hero Firefighter at a time. There are also various uniforms, and vehicles that can be unlocked. Gamers will be kept busy by this game for a few weeks at least. Some additional levels would have been nice in my humble opinion.

Speaking of levels there are thirteen missions, as well as quite a few training missions. The controls in My Hero Firefighter are very accurate. The fires have a life bar that is drained when the player hits the right spots. Specific on screen motions are required in certain points of this Nintendo DS game that upgrade the water in the hose. Using the axe involves tapping the screen at the right point in a specific time frame. I had fun playing My Hero Firefighter, and feel my time was well spent on this video game.

Families will love how firefighters are honored in this DS game. My Hero Firefighter teaches kids to not play with fire, and how to deal with this kind of emergency. I appreciate a game like this one making it to retailers, and hope for sequels to arrive in the near future.  it was my honor to play and review My Hero Firefighter for the Nintendo DS.
- Sam


Graphics: 82%
Sound: 98%
Replay/Extras: 85%
Gameplay: 94%
Family Friendly Factor: 93%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Majesco Entertainment
Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Mild Violence}

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