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Lego Battles 


The WMG was shocked to hear Telltale Games was working on a RTS (Real Time Strategy) video game for the Nintendo DS. Lego Battles is that game. Warner Bros Interactive is a well known publisher and Lego Battles compliments their existing video game library. For those not familiar with the RTS kind of a video game let the WMG explain a little. Players start with certain troops like a builder. The builder builds buildings like a farm, castle, and barracks. Certain buildings can be used to create troops. Players then send these troops out to find the enemy, and to take them out. Everything is done with legos including the trees. When characters life bars drop to nothing they explode in a shower of lego blocks.

Lego Battles has a basic colors feel to it that hearkens back to video games from the past. The little movies are exceptional. The WMG is shocked that so much visual content was included in this Nintendo DS cartridge.  The various themes in the story mode are range from medieval to space. The violence is mild in Lego Battles compared to most other RTS video games.

The music in Lego Battles is majestic in many ways. The cut scenes has humor but all of it is visual. The special effect sounds generally fit the theme of the game, and the tutorial is very helpful. The WMG did not find any offensive language in Lego Battles for the Nintendo DS.

If you are looking for a Nintendo DS video game that has a ton of replay value to it, then look no further than Lego Battles. This game has over ninety levels in thesix different story lines. How this much was squeezed into one little cartridge is a feat of technology. A multicard mode is also available for up to three players. Some kind of a download game play would have been nice. Like the other Lego games studs can be collected and used to purchase items inside the games Lego Store.

The controls of Lego Battles are completely touch screen. The WMG ran into few control issues. Clicking and dragging to select more than one character at a time (up to nine) is simple.  At times when units are close to buildings it can be confusing when trying to build something.

The largest lesson the WMG acquired from Lego Battles is to win through superior numbers. Building up an empire to protect a library, or to go hunting the bad guys requires characters of the right class. At the same time there is a lot of multi-tasking as the player must keep track of support units too.
- Working Man Gamer


Graphics: 62%
Sound: 72%
Replay/Extras: 76%
Gameplay: 68%
Family Friendly Factor: 59%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Warner Bros Interactive
Rating: 'E' for Everyone
{Cartoon Violence, Comic Mischief}

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