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Labou is a kids film set in the New Orleans area. Two kids do not believe another child about a pirates treasure, and a ghost of the captain who haunts the area. So the three go on a quest where one of them is out to prove he is telling the truth. They find the ghost and wind up getting lost in the bayou. At this point they have a choice of trying to find their way home or pressing on to try and find a 200 year old treasure. That same fateful night they also find a Labou. This small dinosaur looking creature responds in kind to musical sounds. In fact rumor has it jazz came from them.

Labou has some scary moments especially at the beginning of the movie. There is a ghost that will really freak out the youngest members of the family. Much of the comedy is in the same vein as Home Alone (editor: just not as violent). The muppet looking little Labou is something most children will find to be cute. My own children thought he looked like a little dinosaur. I should note the ghost character is shown to be very tame.

Labou contains some minor name calling - mainly from the two characters trying to build an oil refinery in the waste of space alligator infested bayou. The end of the movie deals in who is actually telling the truth. The kids go from wanting to find the treasure to save the bayou. Their main interest in saving that mosquito overpopulated area has to do with finding the little Labou. It adds a cute charm to the generally despised area.

Labou has quite a few special features that caught my eye. These range from audio commentary to building Labou to the music of Labou. All of the various featurettes are interesting and give some behind the scenes information on the movie. Surprisingly even my children were interested in watching them (which normally they are not).

The menu screens work well, and are simple to navigate through. The characters grow a lot in Labou. The story even changes in a lot of different ways. I have been to the bayou before, and personally do not consider it a national treasure. More oil refineries inside the United States would drop the price of gas and help millions. Labou is still an interesting kids movie.

Children will take an immediate interest in Labou, especially if they like The Muppet show. Adults can easily pick apart holes in the plot, but kids won’t mind. The children do plenty of misdeeds in order to stop the oil men. Labou (the creature) corrects one characters attempt at deception.
 - Yolanda


Graphics: 70%
Sound: 71%
Replay/Extras: 82%
Gameplay: 77%
Family Friendly Factor: 75%
System: DVD
Publisher: MGM
Rating: 'G' for General Audiences

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