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Flash Focus Vision Training in Minutes a Day





Flash Focus Vision Training in Minutes a Day 


Flash Focus Vision Training in Minutes a Day tries to capitalize on the Brain Age success with a vision only theme. Nintendo claims this game will improve your vision, but my eye doctor disagrees. With so many brain games on the market, and this is Nintendo’s third I really feel like they have gone to the well once too often. But consumers could prove me wrong, and snatch this one up like the Brain Age games. This Nintendo DS game grades the player on how fast they perform the different tests, and then recommends daily training(s).

The graphics in Flash Focus (editor: gonna drop off the rest of the title for space restraint reasons) are okay. There is not a lot to write home about, but some almost realistic pictures of sports are included. Do not expect a lot of animation from them though. I did not run across any offensive images while playing Flash Focus.

The sounds in Flash Focus are not as good as previous Brain Age games from Nintendo. Maybe they set the bar too high with the others, but Flash Focus feels thrown together using exactly the same formula as the others. Remember though they are focusing on vision and not sounds. I did not hear any offensive sounds while playing Flash Focus.

If you are into the mini games included in Flash Focus then you can have a lot of replay value here. Nintendo allows new mini games, and modes to be unlocked the longer the gamer plays. Personally I got tired of the only real tests were based on how fast I performed a mini game. Some mini games can be easy, and others annoyingly difficult. I feel Flash Focus is only worth the money if you have not played any other brain game, or have to have all the brain games.

I found the controls worked well in Flash Focus, but the design of the mini games led to frustration. Certain mini games are all based on luck of what combination of numbers the game picks. Some combinations are easier than others. I would end up jumping twenty points some days in my eye age because of how easy some of the number combinations were. I wish I had more fun with this one, but it needs to use more than just speed in determining the players grade.

It is really cool that Nintendo has been churning out so many games like Flash Focus. It gives families some choices in what kind of good video games they can buy. For me it is too similar to the other brain games. When can we expect a hearing, or smell only based brain game? Safe for the entire family.
- Sam


Graphics: 76%
Sound: 65%
Replay/Extras: 74%
Gameplay: 72%
Family Friendly Factor: 83%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Nintendo
Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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