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Dora Puppy


The best way to describe Dora Puppy is Nintendogs done for children. Dora the Explorer is your guide as you take care of Perrito - a little puppy. I have to admit I thought Dora was saying burrito when I was playing this Nintendo DS game. You feed the puppy, bath him, play with him, and purchase accessories. You can also teach Perrito tricks, and win a trophy in the Big Puppy Competition. So Dora Puppy may not be the most original idea that has come to Family Friendly Gaming, but it is a fun little game for kids. I applaud the minds that came up with this idea.

Dora Puppy has a Dora the Explorer look and feel to it. There are many of the same animations, like throwing the ball to the puppy. There are however many different things that can be done (obstacle course, tug of war, etc.). I like the color scheme in Dora Puppy. The details are passable, although some areas could have been better defined in my opinion.

Dora gives verbal instructions throughout Dora Puppy. My only complaint is I would have to wait for her to finish talking before following the instructions. This only became a problem when it was the third time getting the same instruction.  Kids can easily follow the instructions in Dora Puppy for the Nintendo DS. I heard no offensive sounds while playing this game.

Dora Puppy surprised me with so many extras. This is a kids game, but it is stuffed full. There are clothes, mini games, tricks, and whole lot more of unlockable content. Maybe I should say purchasable content. Play with your puppy (editor: among other things like feeding) to earn points. Use those points to purchase extras.

The controls are touch screen in Dora Puppy, which makes them a snap. As I previously mentioned Dora verbally explains what needs to be done. I found Dora Puppy to be a cute little game. Children really got into it, and had a blast playing with the puppy, and then purchasing additional content. The sounds kids made while bathing the puppy were priceless, and will be a memory I will cherish for years to come.

Taking care of animals is the biggest lesson Dora Puppy teaches. I like the idea of a Nintendogs for children, and 2K Play has pulled it off. Adding in Dora the Explorer is a nice touch that will reach a wide audience. The only better idea I can think of would be a Blue’s Clue’s based puppy game. I would like to see sequels to Dora Puppy on the Nintendo DS. Maybe this game can make the leap to the Wii in the near future.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 83%
Sound: 89%
Replay/Extras: 96%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 92%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: 2K Play
Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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