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I do not feel worthy enough to be reviewing one of the video game greats, but there has been enough of a high demand that I agreed to review Bible Adventures on the 8-bit NES system. We have never been afraid of trying new things here at Family Friendly Gaming, and reviewing older video games is something we have kept our minds open to. Wisdom Tree was one of the first Christian video game developers that was widely known, and they published quite a few games. The anti-Christian attitude at Nintendo in the late 1980’s meant Wisdom Tree had to release their games unlicensed. Nintendo was furious since they were not getting money from each Wisdom Tree video game release. With hundreds of thousands of games sold the greed factor at Nintendo was exposed.

Bible Adventures has wonderfully bright colors used in it, that bring joy to the life of any gamer who plays it. The details are surprisingly good from a small company. The graphics are kept family friendly in the action, and the inclusion of Bible verses brings important stability to the visuals. I found nothing offensive in Bible Adventures at all.

Wisdom Tree certainly knew good tunes when they heard them. All three of the video games included in Bible Adventures have wonderful music that uplift the player. The special effect sounds fit this NES game perfectly, and make me extremely glad that I own a copy of this classic video game. I heard nothing offensive, in fact everything in this game is positive.

Bible Adventures was amazingly innovative for their time. This game included three separate games at once, which extends the lifespan to historic proportions. The different secrets hidden throughout the game were positive Bible verses that enriches the players life.

Bible Adventures takes the picking up items from Super Mario Bros. 2, and improves upon it. Multiple items can be carried at once, adding amazing strategy to this true gem. The Moses game has a few challenging levels that those of weak minds may have difficulty with. I was able to easily find the pattern and complete every level in every game. It was then upon reflection that I could admire the pure genius of Bible Adventures.

Bible Adventures is one of the greatest video games of all time. The score may seem low for that kind of a statement, but I have always been hard on games, especially the icons of the industry. If you do not have a copy of Bible Adventures, then go and get one right this minute. Bible Adventures is that good!
- Paul


Graphics: 95%
Sound: 98%
Replay/Extras: 97%
Gameplay: 99%
Family Friendly Factor: 100%
System: NES
Publisher: Wisdom Tree
Rating: 'NR' for Not Rated

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