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Zoey 101 on the Gameboy Advance is a real treat to review. It is based on a television show that I have not seen, but is geared towards teenage girls. The big theme of this game is girls against boys, and since it is a fantasy based video game it has the girls winning. Most of the game revolves around the school, and gaining friendship points. These friendship points are gained by doing well in the different little mini games. Many of these mini games involve helping others. The girls talk about friendship a lot in the game as well.

The visuals Zoey 101 on the Gameboy Advance are decent. There are plenty of bright colors, and the details are done generally well. Some of the mini games have rather bland graphics, but there are enough different mini games to make up for it. The different characters look okay, but obviously were done large in a way that the GBA does not accommodate too well. I do feel the girls are way too young to be wearing such skimpy outfits, and to be wearing them out in public (editor: of the ones that are dressing that way). THQ did a nice job of limiting such wardrobe.

I really like the music in Zoey 101. It is very upbeat, cheerful, positive, and fun. The different sound effects all work perfectly for the different mini games. There is some light name calling, but nothing too bad, and certainly such language is in most schools. Although it would be really nice if such language were not in schools, and respect for language was taught. The instructions for each mini game are explained quite well.

Girls that are into Zoey 101, should definitely check out this game. This game can be found for just under twenty US Dollars, so if you, or your daughter(s) are into the television show, it would be worth your hard earned dollars. The quantity of fun mini games can give a lot of replay value. The inclusion of the password feature is a bit of a drawback to me personally. I hate having to find paper, and write down a code after beating each and every mini game in the story mode. Only one player can play this game at a time; it would have been nice to build friendships using the game.

The variety that THQ included in Zoey 101 on the Gameboy Advance is very neat. I really appreciate a game like this because it keeps the game play fresh. Most of the mini games control well. The little scooter races can take a little getting used to though. The layout of the controls shows quite an intelligent design. I had fun playing most of the mini games, although the sushi cooking was too difficult in my humble opinion. It is very easy to learn this game.

I really like how Zoey is against prank week, and such foolishness. She is very loyal to her friends, and tries to help out. It is great to play a game that is about building friendships, and helping others. Zoey 101 is safe for the entire family, however girls are the ones who will be interested in this game. I would like a sequel to this game, especially if it is on a newer machine, and has more than just mini games.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 81%
Sound: 87%
Replay/Extras: 89%
Gameplay: 86%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%
System: Gameboy Advance
Publisher: THQ
Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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