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Wonder Pets Save the Animals 


I absolutely love to review 'EC' video games, because it means the video game industry is actually starting to mature. Wonder Pets Save the Animals is a wonderful lesson to every single video game developer that kid games can be fun. All video games teach something, so it is nice to review games like Wonder Pets Save the Animals that teach useful lessons. The Wonder Pets need the players help to save the different animals in need of assistance. Some imagination is required to follow the story, but I doubt many kids will ask about their space ship, or dressing up the animals.

Wonder Pets Save the Animals contains quite a few different graphical styles in it. There are real images, cartoon style images, and a mixture of the two. There are not a lot of animations in this Nintendo DS worth while video game. I would have liked to see some more personally. There are a lot of diverse colors used in Wonder Pets Save the Animals which make it approachable for the younger set. I did not find any offensive images while playing this DS game.

The cute music fit the theme of this game nicely. I also really liked all of the verbal directions in Wonder Pets Save the Animals. 2K Play understands that younger players do not know how to read. So verbal instructions is the way to go. This game is very encouraging even when the player makes a mistake. I like to see that in video games. We get enough negative messages in life, so it is nice to have something that builds us up.

If there is one area where Wonder Pets Save the Animals could use improvement is the replay arena. The length of the game is decent for children, and there are a few mini games. I just think there should have been a bit more. There are not a lot of 'EC' rated games, and I love to see them financially supported so there will be more in the future.

Wonder Pets Save the Animals uses great controls, and the directions given make this game easy for those that listen. If your child has problems with listening then this DS game may be an excellent purchase to help them work on that skill. I know some adults that could use some listening training as well. The controls display an intelligent design, and Wonder Pets Save the Animals is fun to play.

Wonder Pets Save the Animals snuck up on me, and was a wonderful surprise. I am very blessed to have been able to play, and review this Nintendo DS hand held video game. I would love to see a sequel to this franchise especially if the content is increased. I am recommending this game to pastors I know, and to you.
- Paul


Graphics: 87%
Sound: 92%
Replay/Extras: 84%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 95%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: 2K Play
Rating: 'EC' for Early Childhood

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