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Space Raiders 


Every once in awhile we get a request for a video game review that I have to pray long and hard about. Space Raiders on the Gamecube is one such game. Looking at the laundry list of ESRB descriptors should alone tell one concerned with what kind of mental lessons video games teach them - to stay away. The game can be found for just under ten US Dollars brand new, and touts itself as being from the creators of Space Invaders. With so many Nintendo Wii owners grabbing up bargain basement Gamecube games, we felt it was our civic duty to help all ya’ll steer clear of this one.

The graphics in Space Raiders are okay for its time frame. The graphical department has so many problems that I am having trouble figuring out where to start. There is a shower scene of a digitally enhanced blonde woman naked in a shower. She covers up just enough to be highly suggestive. The bloody, gory mess of the different creatures the player must fight off in order to save the earth are truly repugnant. The intense violence of constantly shooting the enemies is close to indoctrination.

If the graphics were not bad enough there are the constant screams, and wails of the aliens. This game sounds like it wants to be that loathsome Resident Evil series. The dialogue the game has for the characters is poorly done. There are also verbal threats, and hatred expressed.

Mastiff LLC granted the players unlimited continues. Which really equates to getting to beat the game in one sitting of around an hour. There is little to unlock, and honestly no reason to replay this game. If you ever have the misfortunes of actually playing it in the first place. Even though this one is cheap it is not worth your hard earned dollars.

Since Space Raiders gives the player unlimited continues there is no reason to avoid getting hit. In fact dying has the advantage of getting one of each special attack restores. I would find myself dying on purpose just to get those special attacks to easily take out a boss. The left to right movement works well, but is very limited.

Space Raiders is an embarrassing game to own, play, and even talk about. If you are looking for a poster video game for what is wrong with the video game industry then this game could fit the bill. Enticement to lust, violence, hatred, and mindless killing are found within. I say stay far away from it.
- Paul


Graphics: 48%
Sound: 52%
Replay/Extras: 46%
Gameplay: 37%
Family Friendly Factor: 40%
System: Gamecube
Publisher: Mastiff
Rating: 'T' for Teen
{Blood and Gore, Partial Nudity, Violence}

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