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Sneak King 



There are games that have concepts that sound really bad. Sneak King is one of those games. The players get to play the weird looking guy from the Burger King commercials. The goal is to sneak up behind hungry people, and surprise them with a Burger King sandwich. The King can do this only to citizens that are hungry, and must hurry because unless they are fed they fall asleep. This is one of the games that can be purchased from Burger King for a few dollars with the purchase of an adult lunch or dinner meal. Some video games that have really bad sounding ideas, can actually be fun to play (i.e. Animal Crossing). This is an ‘E’ for Everyone rated title by the ESRB with no descriptors whatsoever.

The graphics in Sneak King are okay. It is pretty obvious that extra time was spent on making the King look pretty realistic. Still this is a next generation title, and an Xbox 360 game, so the graphics were a bit of a disappointment to me personally. There are also quite a few female characters who attire was not appropriate in my book. Women may dress like that near the beach, but while logging? The attire of the females was very close to the enticement to lust. Some of the graphics in certain areas looked bland to me as well. There are some issues with the camera giving me problems too.

The graphics in Sneak may be below average, but the sounds are even worse. First off there are too few sounds, and the ones that are there are really bland. The music only inspired me to write the review, and be done with the game. Some of the sneaking sounds were plain annoying. The talking of the citizens the King is trying to surprise is garbled, and hard to comprehend.

Theoretically Sneak King could be played over and over again. In reality though I can see no reason to replay this game. In fact I can see no reason to play Sneak King in the first place. There is hardly anything to unlock, only one player at a time can be tortured by this game, and it is a waste of your hard earned money. Yes I know it is only a few dollars to purchase this product. There are however better video games out there that are ultimately just a commercial for an establishment. There is an old saying about getting what you pay for, and it rings true for Sneak King.

The controls generally work well. These controls are also quick and responsive. The game only allows players to interact with certain items at certain times, so that can be a bit frustrating to be so limited. Not all of the citizens are hungry, so the design of the levels can be irritating as well. On top of those problems, the sneaking around was annoying. I had absolutely no fun playing Sneak King whatsoever.

Like I started the review, some video game concepts are just bad from the beginning. Why Burger King allowed their name to be attached to such a product is beyond me. Why anyone over there thought this is a good idea is also beyond me. It is nice that the King wants to hand out free food to those that are hungry. It is weird that he wants to sneak up behind them to surprise them with this food. Sneak King was a huge chore to play, and review. I really hope that there are no sequels to this game. I never want to see this game again, or even hear about it.
- Paul


Graphics: 70%
Sound: 63%
Replay/Extras: 65%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 69%
System: Xbox 360/Xbox
Publisher: King Games
Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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