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Pocketbike Racer 


Rounding out the Burger King trio of Xbox 360 video game releases is Pocketbike Racer. This is part racer, part kart racer, and all mini. If you are not aware there are miniature motorcycles that some people ride on. These are called pocketbikes since they look like they could fit in your pocket (not literally ya’ll). The people do look more than a little silly while on them, but being so low to the ground increases the speed sensation. Some examples of the race tracks are The King’s Garden, The Burger King Parking Lot, The Construction Zone, and Fantasy Ranch. It should be noted that both the Xbox, and Xbox 360 versions are included on all three of these video game discs.

King Games did an excellent job of duplicating how silly people look on these pocketbikes. The speed aspect is only really captured during the very short boosts the player can use after driving through specific colored cones. It is amazing to me that the graphics to advertise Burger King are really well done, and the other race tracks are not as spectacular looking. Some of the graphics are bland, and others are well done. The lighting of different tracks also varies. A few of the female characters are wearing clothing that was too revealing and/or skin tight for me. That really distracts from the game, and lessens the game experience. The violence is in the form of kart racer kind of attacks, where the victim spins out.

Some of the music on certain tracks in Pocketbike Racer is decent, while other tracks were downright annoying. The special sounds for all of the different kart racer kind of attacks works okay. These sounds are generally crisp and clear. It feels like the sound bytes were limited for an Xbox, or even Xbox 360 game. That is definitely an area for improvement.

Pocketbike Racer includes Xbox Live, along with multiple players in the same room. The limitation of the few tracks, and small amount of racers really does hurt the game though. There are a couple of unlockables, but not enough, especially compared to other kart racers on the market. Some of those kart racers that are better are on hand held machines like the Nintendo DS. In my opinion this game is not worth your hard earned dollars.

The controls are quick and responsive in Pocketbike Racer. The layout of the controls works well on the Xbox, or Xbox 360 controllers. The designs of the level leave a lot to be desired though. The race tracks have too many confusing spots, and places to become stuck easily. The motion also gave me a headache after playing for a full tournament, which is not a good sign.

Racing can teach a couple of lessons - winning through skill, perseverance, training, and a little luck. The use of women as sexual objects really hurts this game. Pocketbike Racer also can not make up its mind if it wants to be serious or silly with the racing. The blatant commercial nature of the game has me wanting to play a McDonald's racing game next.
- Paul


Graphics: 78%
Sound: 78%
Replay/Extras: 80%
Gameplay: 70%
Family Friendly Factor: 74%
System: Xbox 360/Xbox
Publisher: King Games
Rating: 'E' for Everyone

{Mild Violence}

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