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Welcome to the first review of Leapster video games. We have entertained the idea of doing Leapster reviews for quite some time here at Family Friendly Gaming. The opportunity came up, and we ran with it. Outwit! was extremely well liked here at Family Friendly Gaming. There are plenty of wonderful educational games in this cartridge for children between the ages of five and eight. Spatial reasoning, counting, comparing, and contrasting are some of the skills children can pick up in the fifteen fast paced mini games.

All of the graphics in Outwit! are tight and clean. There are fun colors picked that capture the attention of children. The sounds are great, especially the verbal directions on what to do. On a few of the mini games I was not clear on what to do, and the game promptly told me how the game controlled. Some of the games are touch screen, and some are controlled via the D-pad. The controls work well, and the lag on the Leapster is generally related to the age of the child. I did find making multiple presses on the screen did register at a decent ratio.

Outwit! teaches children wonderful lessons, and this is a video game that enhances/improves lives. I let my son try Outwit!, and he absolutely loved it. In fact it has become a favorite of his, as he tries to get all the different trophies. I can tell that this is one Leapster game that is worth the price of admission.

If you have a child in kindergarten to the second grade, Outwit! is the kind of Leapster game you should look into. Educational games continue to improve, and Outwit! is the latest progressive proof.
- Paul


Graphics: 94%
Sound: 96%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 87%
Family Friendly Factor: 96%
System: Leapstear
Publisher: Scholastic
Rating: 'NR' for
Not Rated
Ages 5 - 8

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