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Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess 


The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess is the first Legend of Zelda game in recent memory that when all is said and done I do not like. Part of the problem is the puzzles, enemies, and action are too repetitive. Nintendo surprising succumbed to pressure from other gaming magazines to take Zelda down a dark path. Link gets transformed into a wolf. There are statues of bare breasted women (thankfully to avoid an Adult Only rating, there were no nipples on those statues). The hardest part to swallow is this game was in development for the Gamecube for years, and is only a port from the Gamecube with a few of the features of the Nintendo Wii. The entire theme, and mood of the game is very dark and depressing.

Even though this is not a true next generation video game there are some real shining moments in the graphics. The shadow world levels where a creature of darkness rides Link in wolf form. The enemies are slashed (or other weapons are used) to death, and explode in a puff of black smoke. Certain enemies can also be finished in a rather brutal fashion. The problem with the statues has already been mentioned.

The sounds in Twilight Princess are classic Zelda sounds. I was a little disappointed that there was not some real voice acting in this game. Nintendo pushed to get this game released on Wii launch day, and the sounds show exhibit that. These sounds are crisp and clear, and much of the music is very majestic. The music in Zelda games has always been good. The only drawback is the music can be moody at times.

Nintendo has always filled Zelda games with a ton of things to unearth, find, unlock, etc. Twilight Princess is no exception. Some things like collecting Poe souls (ghosts) was un-nerving. Only one person can play this game at a time.

The controls in The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess generally work well, but not always. The weapons like shooting a bomb/arrow can be a little problematic trying to aim, and get the screen and Wii Remote to cooperate. The designs of the levels is classic Zelda; which means brilliant. The only problem is this game has a been there done that feel to it.

This game is only for the older teenagers to adults of the family. The game routinely talks about worshiping gods, and the goddess. A Christian world view is not taught, in fact quite the opposite. The killing of the monsters becomes pretty mindless, especially since many of them look the same. It was a chore for me to play and review this game. I am sure there will be sequels, but it is my hope Nintendo will return the Zelda franchise to a much more family friendly franchise. This game depressed me badly.


Graphics: 52%
Sound: 72%
Replay/Extras: 68%
Gameplay: 74%
Family Friendly Factor: 54%
System: Wii/Gamecube
Publisher: Nintendo
Rating: 'T' for Teen
{Animated Blood, Fantasy Violence}

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