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Leapfrog has been making quite a name for themselves, and improving the image of the video game industry at the same time. Family Friendly Gaming recently opened the door to do reviews on Leapster video games, and now we are reviewing the Leapster 2 unit. The Leapster 2 is a definite improvement over the original Leapster. This machine is easier for children to hold, has a bouncy stylus, and a slightly sunk in screen. All of these mean the Leapster 2 will be more durable, and last longer than the original. One of the most important factors for any product designed for children is to see how a real child does with it. Family Friendly Gaming yet again leads the video game review media in this facet of scoring products. We tried it with children between the ages 4 and 8 to see what they thought. Their opinions have been incorporated into this product review.

The color schemes on the Leapster 2 make this unit look great. The sleek design impressed both adult and child. In fact the children thought it looked great, and could not wait to see what was on the screen. The graphics look slightly better, even with the marginally smaller screen. The durability is most important, and this is a much tougher machine.

The original Leapster was also a portable machine, but it was so large that smaller children would have to hold it in their laps. The Leapster 2 has made some great strides in this regard, and children we let test it liked how it felt. The batteries are easier to remove in the Leapster 2, which parents all over the world will appreciate.

We have been putting the Leapster 2 through the wringer here at Family Friendly Gaming, and this little machine is a lot like the Energizer Bunny. It just keeps going and going. The inclusion of downloads, and SD cards increase the length of time this machine can be used in your house. In fact I would not be surprised if it would last the entire four years for the target age range.

How useful is a learning machine for children? After all the best way to teach people lessons is through audio visual. Movies, television, and video games have been used for a long time to teach people lessons in a way that they immediately accept. Leapfrog makes no bones about the fact that like every other video game company they are teaching lessons. Leapster 2 has a little dragon game included that teaches numbers, and letters (along with things like multiplication). The lessons are great ones that will help improve lives.

It really was our honor and privilege to get to review the Leapster 2 from Leapfrog. This little machine is a wonderful improvement, and one that I highly recommend if you have children in the target age bracket. I hope to see a sequel to this machine in a few years, and continued releases from Leapfrog. Safe for the entire family, and pure clean fun.
- Paul


Graphics: 93%
Sound: 94%
Replay/Extras: 96%
Gameplay: 91%
Family Friendly Factor: 99%
System: Leapster2
Publisher: Leapfrog
Rating: 'NR' for Not Rated

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