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Cord Free for Nintendo Wii 


Nyko has been providing families some wonderful devices that improve their video game lives. The Cord Free for the Nintendo Wii devices tackles one of the biggest problems with the Wii. That problem is the cord that connects the Nunchuk controller to the Wii Remote. If you are like the WMG then you have tried to pull on that cord a little too much. Boxing games are especially annoying. So the Cord Free for the Nintendo Wii was something the WMG was excited to try out. This unit is two main pieces, the base for the Nunchuk, and the small piece that plugs into the Wii Remote.

The look of the Cord Free for the Nintendo Wii fits into the Wii design with a similar color (white). The cord is wrapped around the base of the unit near the batteries which is a gray color. The lights on both portions of this unit are a bright blue. This light is the biggest problem with the look of the Cord Free for the Nintendo Wii. The lights keep flashing all the time. The WMG felt like an airplane coming in for a landing. This became a major distraction. Those that have light triggered migraines may also experience problems (editor: as one of our staffers did).

The Cord Free for the Nintendo Wii feels a little bit heavier than the normal Nunchuk. That was expected with the batteries, and base sleeve. The Wii protective jacket must be taken off the Wii Remote in order to use the Cord Free for the Nintendo Wii. This felt a little strange since all of us at FFG have gotten used to the feel of those protective jackets.

The WMG has not gotten up to sixty hours (which is what the unit claims to do) on the batteries. However the WMG has been running with the Cord Free for the Nintendo Wii watching the pretty blue lights and it is like the energizer bunny. The length of usage should not be an issue. There is a little disappointment that batteries are being used and not some form of rechargeable technology since Nyko is so good at that.

Taking away a cord is very useful in the WMG’s opinion. The flashing lights takes away though. Cord Free for the Nintendo Wii is good at what is does, but it feels like a baby step. That means a Nunchuck that works without the cord would be a better device, and most likely in the works. The readers have to decide for themselves if the Cord Free for the Nintendo Wii warrants a purchase.

As previously mentioned the removal of a cord from the life of a family is a wonderful thing to do. The Cord Free for the Nintendo Wii does take the cord out of the way, and allows for more than one person to handle the controls. The flashing blue light is a problem, and the WMG does not know why these lights were not put on the bottom of each unit, or kept at a steady light. The Cord Free for the Nintendo Wii is a great start.
- Working Man Gamer


Graphics: 60%
Sound: 74%
Replay/Extras: 70%
Gameplay: 69%
Family Friendly Factor: 74%
System: Wii
Publisher: Nyko
Rating: 'NR' for
Not Rated

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