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Cabbage Patch Kids The Patch Puppy Rescue 


If there is anything that says family friendly to me, then Cabbage Patch Kids is certainly it. I have actually kept one of my favorite little Cabbage Patch Kids from my childhood. It was always fun to snuggle, and play with this ‘adopted’ toy. I was really excited to find this game - Cabbage Patch Kids: The Patch Puppy Rescue. Unfortunately it is not that easy to hug a Gameboy Advance, or the cartridge. But I gave D3Publisher every opportunity to help me relive those childhood days of happiness with the Cabbage Patch Kids. This game is all about the children who are about to get a puppy each. The problem is someone forgot to latch the pen, and the puppies escaped. The player gets to pick a Cabbage Patch Kid, and go through different gaming levels to find the missing puppies, and return them to the appropriate child. The premise alone interested me.

The graphics in Cabbage Patch Kids: The Patch Puppy Rescue are okay for the Gameboy Advance. The old GBA is really starting to show its age, and a game like this would be better on a newer platform. The colors are pretty bright and colorful. The player commits no acts of violence whatsoever. There is jumping involved.

Cabbage Patch Kids: The Patch Puppy Rescue has pleasant sounds to it that really add to the atmosphere of this game. These sounds are crisp and clear. It is obvious to me that D3Publisher has the usage of the sound chip on the GBA down pat. When the player accidentally runs into something (and is knocked back), the sounds really reinforce avoiding it next time. I also found the music to be cheerful.

Cabbage Patch Kids: The Patch Puppy Rescue really falls down flat in the replay, and extras department. There are a few mini games included, but few of them are much fun. The game can be beaten by an adult in under thirty minutes. A child should take longer to beat the game. As much as I like Cabbage Patch Kids, I do not feel this game is worth your money. It is a bit of a disappointment in this area of the review.

The controls in Cabbage Patch Kids: The Patch Puppy Rescue work perfectly. In fact the game does not even need to include an explanation (editor: tutorial) on how to play the game. There are different items to reach higher places, and they work intuitively. There were also a few levels that surprised me with their intelligent design. Even though this game is short I did have fun playing it.

Saving animals who are lost is not only a Biblical lesson, but also a good lesson to learn. This game is completely non violent, and has a small challenge for the younger members of the family. Cabbage Patch Kids: The Patch Puppy Rescue is safe for the entire family. I would love to see a sequel to this game, especially if it is on the Nintendo DS, PS2, Wii, Gamecube, PSP, or Xbox 360. I only wish more time had been spent on this game by D3Publisher.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 90%
Sound: 91%
Replay/Extras: 69%
Gameplay: 95%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%
System: Gameboy Advance
Publisher: D3 Publisher
Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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