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Beach Spikers 


As millions more of families are buying the Nintendo Wii, many of them are asking Family Friendly Gaming questions about Gamecube games. Since many of these families are being exposed to games on the Gamecube, the same time they are enjoying Nintendo Wii games. Beach Spikers has been one of the more requested reviews, and finally in Family Friendly Gaming #11, we are getting to it. This game is based on women playing beach volleyball, and the women do wear bikinis. What has a lot of families wondering is this game is rated ‘E’ for Everyone by the ESRB with no descriptors. In contrast the Dead or Alive Xtreme Volleyball carries a very adult only rating of ‘M’ (what the ESRB mislabels as mature). So Beach Spikers must be safe since the ESRB thinks so, right? At least that is the logic used by too many parents before they find themselves greatly offended by a game like Beach Spikers.

Graphically this game is decent for its time. The sand effects are okay, but could have been a lot better. The sky line of most of the locations is very bright and sunny. Some of the women are dressed realistically for women’s beach volleyball, and others are definitely trying to entice to lust. It is interesting that Sega wants only women to be used in a beach volleyball game. There is also some unsettling images of the women hugging each other after winning a match. Sexualization of the women is used to draw in those hormone raging boys who are not aware of what kind of enslavement they are being indoctrinated into.

Beach Spikers has okay music that I wound up turning off, because it was not my cup of tea. The volleyball sounds, and menu noises work well. All of the sounds are also generally crisp and clear, although not always.

Beach Spikers has quite a few different modes, and teams to it, so it could be replayed a lot. The problem is the offensive material will keep most away from it. This game can be found for under twenty US dollars, but the problems with adultery of the mind make it one to keep your cash for something positive, and uplifting.

The usage of just a few buttons for the action in Beach Spikers works amazingly well. A lot of this game is very intuitive, and designed in a way that works for the novice. This is a fun game, and would be a good one without all the sexual content.

There are a lot of things wrong with the video game industry, and normally I do not dwell on them. Entrapping young men into enslavement to lust is one such problem that I have to speak out about. Sega, and the ESRB are to blame for deceiving the public about the content of this game. Women hugging, and touching each other’s behinds is most assuredly sexual content. The attire of the women is also sexual content. Beach Spikers gets a buyer beware. No sequels are needed for this game, and this one embarrasses me.
- Paul


Graphics: 57%
Sound: 73%
Replay/Extras: 59%
Gameplay: 74%
Family Friendly Factor: 53%
System: Gamecube
Publisher: Sega
Rating: 'E' for Everyone

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