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Wii Sports Pack 


We have been expanding here at Family Friendly Gaming by reviewing video game accessories as well as the video game software. Wii Sports Pack is a three pack of accessories that adds realism to Wii Sports. This is the best part of this accessory package, and also its greatest setback. The spring loading in the handle piece is very tight, and I had to be extremely careful. The wrist wrap must be strung through a very small hole, and the Wii Remote must be almost forced into the handle. I wound up scratching up the sensor on the end of a Wii Remote so badly that it stopped working. So take my gentle reminder to be careful when putting the Wii Remote in and out.

The tennis racket, baseball bat, and golf club have a nice look to them. Each of them compliments the Wii Remote in the same color scheme. In some ways it looks like an extension of the Wii Remote. The blue color used on the tennis racket is the only thing that really adds any color. I do not know if more color would have added to the look of the Wii Sports Pack or detracted from it. I usually enjoy a splash of color here and there.

Wii Sports Pack feels okay, but not as sturdy as the Wii Remote feels. The golf club accessory feels too short for me, and I also let some others here at Family Friendly Gaming test it out. Every single person had the same comment about the golf accessory. The tennis racket feels the best, and adds a lot to playing tennis in Wii Sports. Be sure to keep the baseball bat away from little children otherwise they may whack someone with it. All three of these accessories extend the realism of playing the Wii Sports video game.

I really do not see the Wii Sports Pack as lasting very long. The main reason for this is the damage that can be caused to the expensive Wii Remotes. They also are pretty much only useful for Wii Sports. The plastic is sturdy enough to last awhile if you choose to make a purchase.

I find some meager usefulness in the Wii Sports Pack. The tennis racket makes the tennis in Wii Sports a lot of fun. The other two do not quite feel right. As I have mentioned before since this accessory only applies to one video game it is hard to justify a purchase in my book. I also have a problem with how difficult it is to get the Wii Remote in and out. Hopefully there will be more Nintendo Wii video games that this accessory can be used with.

Be sure to get Wii Sports started before putting the Wii Remote into the unit. Otherwise it does not always seem to select the options in the video game as well. Another warning is the extension of the Wii Remote. Add extra space between yourself, and anything that you may accidentally hit (editor: people, furniture, etc.).
- Yolanda


Graphics: 84%
Sound: 82%
Replay/Extras: 71%
Gameplay: 76%
Family Friendly Factor: 78%
System: Wii
Publisher: ezGear
Rating: 'NR' for Not Rated

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