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Millions of us enjoy the Family Friendly movies from Disney Pixar. Ratatouille has to be the most bizarre one yet. THQ has brought the movie experience to gamers on the Playstation Portable (editor: and quite a few other platforms). This is a solid platformer that involves quite a bit of acrobatics from Remy. For those unaware Remy is a rat in France interested in gourmet cooking. He does not like the fast food approach to cooking that so many places have gone to.

The visuals in Ratatouille on the PSP have a very nice glean and shine to them. The characters animate in an almost realistic manner bringing the experience up. The camera can be a bit of a pain as it gets stuck on walls at times. The WMG would move the rat away from the wall in order to rotate the camera around to see a different direction. This is a minor issue, but one found within this game. There is some cartoon violence as Remy has a Mario type butt stomp, and can also attack with a tail swipe.

France has never sounded better than in this Playstation Portable game. Now that the majority of Americans are no longer boycotting France, Ratatouille can be enjoyed with no guilt. The voice acting is spectacular, and the WMG did not find any offensive sounds.

THQ made sure a lot of different items are hidden throughout levels adding replay value for those who want to get that 100% completion ratio. Upgrades to the players are also available as a wonderful way to spend all that cheese collected in levels.

There is some amazing intelligent design in the levels of Ratatouille. Not everything is easy to get to, but with some practice all levels can be completed. The one problem the WMG has with this hand held video game is the length of some levels. They can get long without a proper save feature. The games lets us save, but only items collected. The entire level has to be replayed if not completed before the last save. This led to some frustration for the WMG taking away some of the fun.

Ratatouille teaches some really neat lessons on quality over quantity. Remy also is working on helping others which is a lesson the WMG loves to see. Sequels would be welcome especially if an in level save feature is included. This may be the best version.
- Working Man Gamer


Graphics: 86%
Sound: 89%
Replay/Extras: 85%
Gameplay: 79%
Family Friendly Factor: 84%
System: Playstation Portable
Publisher: THQ
'E' for Everyone
{Cartoon Violence}

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