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Nicktoons Battle for Volcano Island 


Nick Games and THQ have been working hard to give you a plethora of choices of Nickelodean character based video games. Nicktoons Battle for Volcano Island arrived before Christmas in the year of our Lord 2006. Mawgu is threatening to take control of Volcano Island, and the Chosen Nine must save the day (sure it is cliched, and a little corny). Players can play as SpongeBob, Danny Phantom, Timmy Turner, Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, or Samatha Mason. There are additional support characters who are from other Nickelodean television shows. The main gameplay is to punch, kick, or throw items at the enemies. There are also plenty of items to collect. SpongeBob is a controversial character, that has caused a firestorm of chaos in the past.

Graphically Nicktoons Battle for Volcano Island is generally bright and colorful. The toxic sludge areas are a downer, but thankfully not that long. There were a few problems found with the camera in a couple of spots. The artwork is true to the different really strange characters. There is a lot of cartoon violence in this game, but thankfully the bodies of the monsters vanish after being vanquished. Some of the graphics are a little corny.

The sounds in Nicktoons Battle for Volcano Island are a little above average. The music is themed very well in a corny sort of manner. Some of the sound bytes from the different character are humorous, and others were a little edgy. When different characters are hit from the enemies they have themed sounds. The sounds from SpongeBob are a little annoying. There are sounds in the game that give clues to how to solve certain areas.

Nicktoons Battle for Volcano Island is a really short game, even for kids. There are some unlockable characters, and hidden items that can have the levels replayed. Two players can play this game at the same time if they so desire. This game is pretty light-hearted, and worth the money for a child as long as the characters in this game are allowed in your family.

The controls are very quick, and responsive. The design of the controls works well, and swapping characters is simple. The level design is extremely linear, and easy to solve. The one problem with the controls is the game has a little depth to it. Some of the jumps can be easily missed if the player gets too far in the background, or fore-front. Thankfully the game lets the player reset at the last major piece of real estate.

The cartoon violence in Nicktoons Battle for Volcano Island rewards the aggressive player, so it can be short lived. The humor definitely fits the quirky characters from these different franchises. If their humor bothers you then pass. The game teaches about prophecy, and chosen ones stopping an evil. Sadly the chosen ones do not take it seriously. THQ mixed a lot of different franchises quite well.
- Paul


Graphics: 82%
Sound: 78%
Replay/Extras: 84%
Gameplay: 81%
Family Friendly Factor: 75%
System: Gamecube/Playstation 2
Publisher: THQ
'E' for Everyone
{Cartoon Violence}

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