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Very few video games made on the Disney Pixar works have been poorly received. In fact the sum of those games could probably be counted on one hand. Monsters Inc. on the Gameboy Advance is going to be added to that very short list. If you missed the movie of a few years ago; it is based on a fantasy world where the monsters who scare kids in the middle of the night do so in order to power their entire civilization. Sulley (good guy monster) is close to breaking the record, and winning top dog honors. A bad guy monster is planning on kidnapping children, and using a machine to force them to scream. Sulley accidentally saves a little girl, and learns that humans are not to be feared. Laughter also powers the monsters machines at a much higher rate than the screams do. On paper this movie may not sound that great, but it is safer than it sounds. In the Gameboy Advance version of the game, the player uses Sulley to collect pieces of Boo’s door. This is done throughout different levels, and must be done essentially in every single of the game worlds.

Graphically Disney Pixar’s Monsters Inc. is pretty bland. There are some colorful graphics, but they are re-used in room after room. It is almost like creativity was allowed for a few minutes, and then a time crunch ended it completely. Sulley uses his roar to attack the enemies (who are the monsters version of the CIA), and he uses a laughter bomb to really take them out.

The sounds in Disney Pixar’s Monsters Inc. are also quite recycled. There are a few sounds from the movie, but they are fleeting at best. Hearing the same sounds repetitively does not help this game in the slightest. This reviewer also found the music to be irritating. The laughter bombs do not come across as pleasant, which is a real shame. How can one mess up the joyful sound of laughter and make it irritating? Those in charge of the sounds department found that formula to my personal dismay.

There are some secret items in this game, but few players are going to want to replay this handheld game in order to find them. It is confusing to this reviewer as to why a password system was used. The levels can get extremely long, and there is no middle of level saving. There really is little reason to replay this game; in fact there is little reason to play this game in the first place. This is a game that is not worth your very hard earned dollars in this reviewers ever so humble opinion.

Monsters Inc. seriously suffers in the gameplay department. The controls are a pain at times. This is a game that has a little depth to it (meaning not just side scrolling, but a little north and south motion is allowed as well). This can lead to some confusion when trying to avoid the enemies, and to collect items. This usually can be correctly quickly, unless your character will terminate with one more mistake. The level design is miserable. Going through room after room where many of the rooms look exactly the same is not my idea of fun.

Ethically, morally, and spiritually Monsters Inc. is a decent game. Saving Boo from those who want to hurt her is a good goal. Unfortunately this game seems to ignore that aspect of the game, and is all about finding pieces to a door by any means necessary. It was a chore for this reviewer to play this game. I am honestly happy that I am finished with this game. I never want to see it again, and plead with THQ to make no more sequels like this one.
- Paul


Graphics: 74%
Sound: 69%
Replay/Extras: 67%
Gameplay: 60%
Family Friendly Factor: 70%
System: Gameboy Advance
Publisher: THQ
'E' for Everyone

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