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Left Brain Right Brain 


There are some video games that are such great ideas that they cause ripples across the entire industry. Left Brain Right Brain from Majesco Entertainment has to be the best Brain Age clone that I have ever played. But this Nintendo DS video game also stands alone. Players use their right hand for a series of mini games, then they use their left hand. The game then grades the player on how close they are. The weaker hand is then trained to develop ambidexterity. The background goal is to open ones mind to new ways of thinking since right brain, and left brain people think differently.

There are plenty of wonderful colors used in different mini games and they really shine out from the white backgrounds. The details of some of the graphics are not the greatest though. The little hand character does not have a lot of detail (especially in animations), but does fit the theme of Left Brain Right Brain quite nicely. I did not find any offensive images while playing this hand held cartridge.

Left Brain Right Brain has some neat sounds that enhance the video game experience on this Nintendo DS video game. The sounds to notify the player that the clock is winding down works the way they should. Those notification type of sounds did not irritate me (which some brain games end up doing).

I thoroughly enjoyed the mini mental games found within Left Brain Right Brain. Connecting the dots is one of them that I could replay over and over again. The thought of improving my left hand dexterity did not appeal to me on paper, but now I am enjoying this improvement. I feel this is the kind of a video game that is worth your hard earned dollars.

All of the controls are touch based, and function the way they should usually. I did run into a strange occurrence here or there that something did not work right. I am humble enough to admit it could have been human/user error. Left Brain Right Brain is a lot of fun to play, and I love how it improves us.

My hat goes off to Majesco Entertainment for bringing such a unique and fun Nintendo DS video game to market. I would love to see a sequel to this video game, and will be recommending Left Brain Right Brain to pastors. This DS video game is safe for the entire family, and one where the lessons are perfect for all ages. It was my pleasure to review this one.
- Paul


Graphics: 87%
Sound: 88%
Replay/Extras: 98%
Gameplay: 89%
Family Friendly Factor: 100%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Majesco Entertainment
'E' for Everyone

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