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Jeanne d-arc 


Jeanne d’arc on the Playstation Portable has made all kinds of waves here at Family Friendly Gaming. This turn based strategy role playing game (think Shining Force) is based on the well known and God trusting Joan of Arc. The video game is based loosely on the historical figure, but to my surprise a lot of of the storyline comes straight from accepted and traditional history. The English have demonic forces on their side as Jeanne listens to God on how to save France. Skeptics are even shown in the game, but even they can not argue with the results an uneducated woman gets. This really shows how when we trust God with all aspects of our lives, how He can use us for His glory. One of the biggest surprises to me is that this game comes from Level-5 (developer) and Sony (publisher). This is a very encourage aspect of this video game release.

The graphics in Jeanne d’arc are very bright and colorful. The 3D levels rotate nicely, and the cut scenes (like anime movies) are breath taking. There is some cartoon violence as with any strategy role playing game, but the storyline is what the developers spent way more time on. There are also some variety in the missions - for example get to the other side of the map, or take out the enemy commander. Most strategy RPG’s demand the player kill every one of the enemies. So Jeanne d’arc is a great step in the right direction.

The sounds in Jeanne d’arc are awe inspiring. The music is so good that I found myself lost in thought while it was playing in so many different areas of the game. All of the different sounds work quite well in this game. There are a few minor language issues - almost always from the bad guys. God talks to Jeanne, and guides her. She gives glory to God through the process, and does not claim anything is from her.

Level-5 included a plethora of treasures hidden throughout each of the levels. On top of that there is more than one way to beat a level. I found myself replaying different levels just to see which way was better. There are plenty of skills, items, and characters to find, unlock, play with, etc. This is a ‘T’ rated game, and honestly something I question the ESRB about. I have played ‘E10+’ rated games that are more violent, have a lot of enticement to lust, and language issues. In my ever so humble opinion Jeanne d’arc on the Playstation Portable is worth your hard earned dollars.

The controls in Jeanne d’arc work perfectly. The rotation of the screen, along with the burning aura areas work great. The triangle relating to different weapons may come from the Fire Emblem series, but works just as well - especially since they kept it much simpler. The design of the each of the levels is amazingly intelligent. I found myself marveling at each map, noticing the different nuances, and plotting forth the best path to victory for France. That is something else about Jeanne d’arc, it draws the player in with its awesome story. I found myself caring about the different characters, and wanting to see them succeed. When Jeanne gets shot by an arrow (historically accurate), I was concerned for her.

If you have seen the Passion of the Christ, then you must play Jeanne d’Arc on the Playstation Portable. Like the Passion of the Christ, this game is for the older members of the family - but it is an important quest to go on. I would love to see more sequels of games like this one. It may be difficult to do an exact sequel of this game, but more games along this line would be nice indeed. I will be recommending Jeanne d’arc to my pastor, along with anyone else who will listen to me.
- Paul


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 80%
Replay/Extras: 81%
Gameplay: 82%
Family Friendly Factor: 77%
System: Playstation Portable
Publisher: Sony
'T' for Teen
{Alcholol Reference, Fantasy Violence, and Mild Language}

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