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Frogger AdventuresTemple of the Frog 


Konami has handled the Frogger franchise pretty well over the years. Frogger's Adventures: Temple of the Frog is one such game on the Gameboy Advance. Frogger has come a long way from his first release in the arcade of hopping across the freeway, and then logs in a river. (editor: children please do not try hopping across either the freeway, or logs in a river). Frogger now has items to collect, enemies to avoid, and large levels to go through. He can also jump over obstacles, which comes in quite handy. The storyline behind this game is the evil Mr. D has locked up the Temple of the Frog. It is up to Frogger to collect the elemental icons, and enough coins to enter the Temple of the Frog. Each world will have so many elemental icons that must be collected. When all of the elemental icons are collected, then Frogger can gain access to the Temple.

The graphics are decent in this game, although it is doubtful that many players will be taking time to enjoy the scenery (since many times moving around is an important facet of staying alive). The details are decent for a Gameboy Advance game of its era. There were only a couple of areas where there was some confusion about where to go next due to the graphics.

The sounds are crisp and clear in this game. These sounds also work well in this game. The music pays some homage to the original Frogger in certain areas. There were no offensive sounds in this game, however the music did not do a lot for this reviewer. It really felt average to me.

The original Frogger had all kinds of replay to it. Sadly this game has little reason to replay it. Once an area is mastered, the only reason to go back is to collect extra lives. There are a few secrets in this game, as in side areas that not everyone will notice at first. They grant extra lives usually. This is a decent little game that this reviewer does not quite feel is worth the money, unless it can be found cheap.

The controls are quick and responsive. The control design works very well. The level design is done really well. Some of the areas exhibit a master's touch. This reviewer feels this was a fun game, albeit a little short. There are a lot of Frogger games out there, and many of them are very similar. If you have played some of the Frogger games then you know exactly what to expect. If not, there is a lot of avoiding traps, and enemies. Frogger can not attack.

The only real questionable element in this game is the whole Temple of the Frog. The game does not go too deeply into it. The temple looks like one in South America. The elemental icons are also not explained. This is the kind of a game that this reviewer feels is safe for the entire family. This game was fun, and this reviewer enjoyed playing it (and reviewing it). If Konami could make the sequels a little longer, then this reviewer is all for sequels. It is nice to have games that have the player avoiding violence, and using their brains to avoid traps. The only downfall of this game is it feels partially done, meaning it was not as polished as it could have.


Graphics: 80%
Sound: 83%
Replay/Extras: 65%
Gameplay: 85%
Family Friendly Factor: 86%
System: Gameboy Advance
Publisher: Konami
'E' for Everyone

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