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Dora the Explorer Journey to the Purple Planet Dora the Explorer Journey to the Purple Planet 


It is unknown if Global Star Software read our columns calling for an Early Childhood game in this console generation. Whether they stepped up to the plate because Family Friendly Gaming put enough pressure on the industry or not is a moot point. What is known is they released the first early childhood game on the Playstation 2 (PS2), and Gamecube. They are to be commended for that, which is why this game has been featured on our website. This game falls under the Nick Jr. label, and is based on the Dora the Explorer television show. For those unfamiliar with Dora the Explorer, this little girl helps kids learn some valuable lessons (i.e. counting, matching, letters, and even some Spanish). In this video game rendition of Dora the Explorer, some aliens land (those pictured on the front cover), and need help getting back to their planet.

The graphics in Dora the Explorer: Journey to the Purple Planet are very bright and colorful. This is a kids game, but even some of the adult game reviewers were impressed by the usage of colors in this game. The details are nicely done for a child's game, and the artwork goes along with the theme of each different area. Wholesome images are used properly in this game. There were no images this reviewer saw that were offensive.

The sounds in this game are classic Dora the Explorer. If your child is into this television show, then you know exactly what to expect. If not Dora asks the television audience quite often what should be done next. Boots the monkey is also present and his assistance is very welcome. The music is very cheerful. The only complaint this reviewer has on the sounds is the Nick Jr. song is not present. That is a really catchy tune that has gotten stuck in this parent's head.

There are a plethora of space gems liberally strewn throughout each of the levels. Each level consists of three different areas, and takes about the length of the television show to complete. This reviewer found that her son loved to replay many of the levels. There is enough that happens that kept his attention, but it was a slow enough pace as to make sure he was not lost. This is a game that is definitely worth the money.

The control responses are generally quick and responsive. There are certain items that Boots can explore to find a hidden space gem (like a hollow log for example). When Boots explores these areas, the player must wait a few seconds for Boots to jump in, dig around, and throw the item out. While that whole animation occurs, the player is not able to control Dora. The control design works amazingly well, and the level designs are perfect. The game does not allow the gamer to die in any area; which is great for a kids game.

How family friendly can a Early Childhood game be? Pretty much perfect. This game teaches all kinds of important lessons that children need to learn. This is a game that could be recommended to a pastor. Dora the Explorer: Journey to the Purple Planet is safe for the entire family. This game needs more sequels, and was a joy to play and review. Global Star Software is to be highly commended for releasing this video game. It is nice to know that at least one company has not forgotten about families.


Graphics: 93%
Sound: 93%
Replay/Extras: 96%
Gameplay: 100%
Family Friendly Factor: 100%
System: Gamecube/Playstation 2
Publisher: Global Star Software
'EC' for Early Childhood

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