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Danny Phantom Urban Jungle  


The back of the box of Danny Phantom Urban Jungle says: “It’s a Jungle our there!” The world outside of this video game certainly is a jungle (at many times). This game however would more accurately be described as a cake walk. For those who are not aware - Danny Phantom it is a cartoon show on Nickelodeon based on a shy 14 year old boy. Thirty-three million viewers are watching this show on a monthly basis. This game is based off of the Columbus weekend special show that came out. Danny got into some trouble with his own curiosity, and caused an accident with the ghost zone. This accident turned him half human, and half ghost. He now has the power to turn himself into a ghost. He uses this power to combat the ghosts who come through the gateway that he accidentally opened. Like the Nintendo DS version the GBA (Gameboy Advance) version also introduces a new ice power for the teenage hero.

Graphically Danny Phantom Urban Jungle on the Gameboy Advance is lacking. Many of the color schemes clash badly, and gave me a migraine. The graphics also have a dark feel to them, and the ghosts all have some real mean, evil, and wicked looks on their faces. The details of the graphics are also lacking. It is obvious that this is a very graphical toned down version of the Nintendo DS version. Many of the levels are very similar to the DS version as well. There are no 3D levels, and the old Operation Wolf style of levels just does not work that well for this reviewer.

The sounds in the Gameboy Advance version of Danny Phantom Urban Jungle actually annoyed me. Not all of the sounds were crisp, and clear. The effects used during conversations between characters really grated upon my nerves. Thankfully most of those conversations were short, and brief.

Danny Phantom Urban Jungle does allow the different ghosts to be captured (think like Ghost busters) with a special tool. The player can “collect them all” if they are so inclined, but to be honest that does not take much time; and it really is not that interesting of a feature as an extra. Only one player can play this at a time. In this reviewers humble opinion your hard earned dollars would be better spent elsewhere. Fans of this series will most likely be very disappointed with the Gameboy Advance version. It is really short, and not that hard (even on the hardest difficulty).

Danny Phantom Urban Jungle really suffers in the gameplay department. Not only can this game be beaten easily in one to two hours, but the color system is near worthless. The enemies shoot blue or red balls of energy at your character. Danny Phantom can easily switch between the two colors and absorb the color (not taking any damage), as long as he is the same color. Absorbing a shot refills the phantom meter, which is how special attacks are used. The controls are very quick and responsive. The layout led to confusion a few times, but it was never detrimental. Like the Nintendo DS version, the ‘A’ button can be held down during an entire level. Not much excitement there.

As the review of the Nintendo DS mentions there is a spiritual nature to this game. I am torn between the parallels that can be found in the Holy Bible, and discerning if the same lessons are being taught in this game. Since this game was so short it was no chore to review, but it was also no real pleasure either. The decision to make a purchase or pass is in your capable hands.
- Paul


Graphics: 57%
Sound: 60%
Replay/Extras: 56%
Gameplay: 65%
Family Friendly Factor: 59%
System: Gameboy Advance
Publisher: THQ
'E' for Everyone
{Cartoon Violence}

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