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One of the best movies for families in the summer of 2006 was Disney Pixar’s Cars. The movie also did extremely well in terms of sales. This pleasant film followed a self absorbed race car (Lightning McQueen), who learned to help, and care for those less fortunate than himself. THQ blanketed about every single video game system with a version of this game. The WMG apologizes to all yous readers, because the WMG dropped the ball on the Sony Playstation Portable review. No worries though (as editor in chief Paul Bury would say), because the extra time was needed for the best version of this game on any hand held system. As the old saying goes: “better late than never.” So this review may be late, but yous can still use it to assist in your purchase at the store. After reading this review, yous may be going to the store.

Graphically Cars PSP put the WMG in a state of awe. How THQ got such beautiful graphics, and 3D models is a secret they refuse to share with the WMG. The graphics are very bright and colorful. The graphics alone give Cars PSP a very good shot at Game of the Year here at Family Friendly Gaming. The artwork is totally, completely, and utterly in line with the movie (which is really cool). The details are done amazingly well. Wholesome images are used properly in this game. The animation is at the level of Disney, and Pixar. The WMG did not find any offensive images in this game at all.

The sounds in Cars PSP is just as good as the graphics. The game includes quite a few cruising songs that never get old (in the WMG’s opinion). The dialog between the different cartoonish styled cars is acted quite well. All of the sounds work perfectly with this game. It is like THQ spent a lot of time to make sure every little aspect of this game fit as perfectly as it could. The music is very cheerful, and could stand alone as a nice little CD on their own. The WMG did not find any offensive sounds in this game at all.

There are plenty of different tracks to race on, and the game gives different modes to increase replay value. This game can not be beaten in one sitting, or even in a week for that matter. Some of the races will take multiple attempts to beat; and each race includes multiple short cuts for the player to discover. In the WMG’s humble opinion this game is certainly worth your hard earned dollars. The only complaint the WMG has is the length of the story could have been a little bit longer.

The controls in Cars PSP are spot on perfect. The set up of these controls work really well with the Playstation Portable. The design of the levels, and where the shortcuts have been hidden are pure genius. The WMG had a ton of fun playing this game, and really wishes there were a lot more like it.

Cars PSP is a breath of fresh air to play, review, think about, talk about, and enjoy. THQ, Disney, and Pixar showed a lot of creativity in creating this franchise, and we are the blessed recipients of such clean, wholesome, and pure fun. The game reinforces the lessons from the movie about helping those around yous. This game is safe for the entire family (those in the family yous trust with your Sony Playstation Portable). THQ is on notice from that WMG that they need to make a sequel to this game, and soon.
- Working Man Gamer


Graphics: 98%
Sound: 99%
Replay/Extras: 90%
Gameplay: 100%
Family Friendly Factor: 90%
System: Playstation Portable
Publisher: THQ
'E' for Everyone

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