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Care Bears Care Quest  


Ask and ye shall receive. Family Friendly Gaming asked for some 'EC' (Early Childhood) rated games, and they have been coming in. Care Bears are cuddly, cute, comforting, and snugly. So I took out the Care Bears: Care Quest game cartridge and tried to snuggle with it. That is not a good idea, as game cartridges are not snugly. Plus the fellow staffers had some strange expressions on their faces. No longer feeling as clever as I had before I saw their looks, I put the Gameboy Advance cartridge from The Game Factory into my machine. This game is a compilation of twelve mini games with different Care Bears helping their friends. There are quite a few different languages that this game can be played in, which are selectable via that countries flag. This game also gives instructions in a way that does not require reading, which is great for the younger children.

The graphics in Care Bears: Care Quest are very bright and colorful. Not only that, but the colors are very soft (with things like clouds in a lot of the levels). The land of Care-A-Lot comes to alive graphically quite well. The details are decently done for a Gameboy Advance cartridge. We let a couple of young children try the game, and they liked the graphics, and were able to identify Care Bears. Wholesome images are used properly in this game as well.

The sounds are very crisp, and clear. These sounds work well in this game. The music is very cheerful. The only knock on the sounds is the ending sounds started to grate on this reviewer. If there had been some different end of level music that would have been great.

These twelve games can be replayed by children for quite a long time. A few of the mini games will require adult assistance. The game keeps track of how many stars are acquired in a mini game, and rates the players based upon those stars. Beating a previous score is one of the reasons to replay. If young children are in the house, and they have an interest in video games; this is the kind of game that is worth the money. If the child is not into Care Bears, then passing on this game may be smart.

The controls are very quick and responsive. The Care Bears move around quite nicely. Some of them fly around, whereas others walk around. The control design also works quite well. This reviewer found this is a fun little game. Some of the mini games are more fun than others. The children we let play this game had fun playing it as well. One of the best controlling games was the pong style game.

Helping others, and caring about them are some wonderful lesson for a video game to teach, and this game teaches that in abundance. Care Bears: Care Quest is safe for the entire family. Care Bears needs a sequel, and this reviewer would like to see a side scrolling action adventure like was done in Franklin's Great Adventures. It is nice that game companies are releasing games like this one for the young children. It was quite a pleasure for this reviewer to play a game that teaches good lessons to kids.


Graphics: 91%
Sound: 89%
Replay/Extras: 96%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 94%
System: Gameboy Advance
Publisher: The Game Factory
'EC' for Early Childhood

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