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Bomberman Generation  


Bomberman makes his explosive debut on the Nintendo Gamecube! Mujoe and his gang are up to their old tricks. This time, they’re after the Bomb Elements-powerful crystals that will give them the means to rule the universe. Fear not! Bomberman is on the case! As Bomberman, you have been given the order by Professor Ein to retrieve the Bomb Elements. Defeat your foes with bombs, outsmart the traps that lie in wait for you, and clear the stages that stand between you and retrieving the Bomb Elements. Oh, but that’s not all you do. Bomberman Generation provides Six Worlds with Massive Bosses, Challenging Mini-Games, and the best part: Classic Multi-player mayhem! The point of the game is to solve puzzles and get from point “A” to point “B”. This game is clean and fun for the whole family, and it has a very valuable lesson in the end.

The graphics of Bomberman Generation remind me of a coloring book. With the “Cell shaded” look, Bomberman Generation gives us a nice, refreshing “toon” style of gameplay. The environments are colorful, and the model animation looks great. With all the explosions going on, it’s a wonder that the frame rate doesn’t slowdown! The developers took their time in the detail of this game. It is almost like watching a cartoon as you play. And what makes it even better is there were no offensive images in the game!

The sounds in Bomberman Generation are very enjoyable. From the wild and wacky music to the explosion of a bomb, Bomberman Generation’s sound team did an excellent job. The music (although with no lyrics) are motivational and make you want to see what will happen when you reach the goal. However, after a while of playing, the music can get rather annoying at times. Also, the bomb explosion sound are louder than all music and other sounds, so be sure to have the volume on a reasonable level. Bomberman Generation has it’s own unique theme song, but sadly, there is no sound track in the game to listen to. The acting, on the other hand - could have some improvement. It sounds like a poorly dubbed anime from the 30’s. Oh well, it can’t be perfect. No offensive sounds.

With all the content on this game, it will keep you busy for a while. From finding all the “Lightning cards” scattered throughout the levels, to catching all the charaboms, you will have plenty to do. Like always, Bomberman has an explosive feature: Multiplayer. Fun. Fast, And best of all....FRANTIC! Luckily, Bomberman multiplayer is clean fun. It has a “Looney toon” style of violence, so it is fun for the whole family. There are five modes of battle, all with different rules. Multiplayer is fun and clean.

The controls can be frustrating to get used to (mainly because Bomberman does not jump), so our younger players may want to read the instruction booklet a few times before playing. Once you get used to it; it becomes easy and fun! There is no second button lay-out option, so it will take practice. Once the player learns, they become a natural. The movement of the control stick is perfect coordinating with the game. Quick responses also make this a plus!

To sum it up, this is an excellent example of what a puzzle platform is. This game is a rare gem, and with the price tag of $30, which is a must have (In this reviewer’s humble opinion)! A brand new 3-D adventure, multiplayer madness, and extras to keep you coming back is worth the money. It saves at the end of every level, so addiction is low risk. The puzzles keep you focused on what you are doing, and it is clean and fun. This reviewer enjoyed playing it, and is confident you will too!
- ClassicTyler


Graphics: 72%
Sound: 77%
Replay/Extras: 82%
Gameplay: 75%
Family Friendly Factor: 69%
System: Gamecube
Publisher: Majesco Entertainment
'E' for Everyone
{Mild Violence}

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