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Big Brain Academy  


Big Brain Academy is similar to Brain Age, but at the same time drastically different. Let me explain. Big Brain Academy is filled with fun little mental exercises, that may very well improve the mind. It also grades the player, and charts improvements. That is really where the similarities end. The mental exercises are generally more challenging, and fun to this reviewer. Nintendo has really been making an effort to improve the image of video games, and this game certainly does just that. This is also one of those games that can be played for five minutes, or an hour. By design Big Brain Academy requests the player play each and every day to at the very least test. The players age is weighed based upon their performance in the mental exercises that are tested. There are enough games for each of the five graded categories to keep this game fresh for quite awhile. Depending on how the player thinks certain sections will be easier than others. I started much higher in some sections, but was able to improve upon the others over time. Practice makes perfect, eh?

Graphically Big Brain Academy is a mixed bag. There are some very bright and colorful graphics throughout the game. However some of the graphics can be rather bland, and plain. This can be a mixed blessing, as in certain mental exercises additional graphics would only distract. At other times though, it would be nice if there was a little more power put into the graphical department.

The sounds in Big Brain Academy are extremely crisp and clear. The little guy (or whatever he is supposed to be) who instructs and grades has some weird speech patterns at times. The sounds generally work well, but there is one annoying sound. As the clock ticks out the last ten seconds (or so), that sound is extremely aggravating to this reviewer. To be fair that sound is there to encourage the player to speed things up, but it only bothered me. The music is rather cheerful, and is very pleasant on the ears.

Nintendo may not have cornered the market on replay value, but they might as well have. This game can easily be played every single day for a year at least. It can be addictive trying to improve the testing scores from the previous day. The scientists can determine if it actually improves the brain or not. This is a fun game, and multiple people can have their own game saves. In this reviewers opinion this is a game that is most certainly worth your hard earned dollars. The only concern is that this game may become too addictive. Thankfully that was not an issue for any of us here at Family Friendly Gaming.
All of the mental exercise games control amazingly well. The control design is also quite spectacular. This is a game that I found was not only fun, but educational at the same time. Always read the instructions on how to play a mental exercise, or you could find yourself having trouble.

This is a game that has some wonderful matching, proper thinking, and money counting in it. Nintendo did this with nothing offensive in it at all. Big Brain Academy not only takes the player to school, but also other video game developers. Games can teach us good things, and be fun at the same time. This game is safe for the entire family, and one I already have recommended to pastors. It was a joy to play, and review this game. Whenever a sequel comes up, this reviewer will be asking for first dibs on it.
- Yolanda


Graphics: 78%
Sound: 85%
Replay/Extras: 96%
Gameplay: 98%
Family Friendly Factor: 95%
System: Nintendo DS
Publisher: Nintendo
'E' for Everyone

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