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Winnie the Pooh Rumbly Tummy Adventure   Winnie the Pooh Rumbly Tummy Adventure


Winnie the Pooh's Rumbly Tumbly Adventure is a wonderful game for kids. It is very nice of Ubisoft to release this game. They are providing for a need that is out there, and they are bucking the secular gaming media. Winnie the Pooh plays through the hundred acre wood, remembering the birthdays of four of his friends, and his own birthday. The game encompasses quite a few different styles. There are puzzle elements, avoiding enemies, scaring enemies, finding honey pots. The lessons this game teach are priceless. Teamwork, helping out a friend (or others who are in need), and being kind (respectful) to others. When a mistake is made, and the occasional enemy catches Winnie the Pooh, (or one of his friends being played) the game graciously restarts on that screen, with all things previously accomplished saved.

The graphics in this game are just like the cartoons, (and books for that matter) however they are fleshed out into full 3D. The cinematic movie scenes throughout the game are spectacular. The sounds are really good, except we found some of the cinematic movies have really low volume. The gameplay is done amazingly well. There were a few times of frustration, but that had to do with learning the timing. The extras in this game are nicely done (especially considering this is a kids game). Those extras range from finding all the honey pots, to mini-games, to finding hidden musical notes.

How can a developer go wrong in the family friendly factor when they stuffed so much good stuff into this game? Well, they did not go wrong with this game. Not only can older kids learn proper lessons in kindness, and respect; the younger kids have their own mode. A "Junior Mode" is included. This mode is all about walking around the hundred acre wood, and hitting a button to watch cute little movie scenes (i.e. Pooh eating out of a honey pot, or dropping a stick into a stream).

The slow pace of this game threw me at first. The enemy levels were put into the game at the right interval, and really spiced up the gameplay. For adults who think this game is too 'kiddy' for you; I offer this challenge: try and do Pigglet's scary face right the first time, every time. It is so nice to see companies release games with the family in mind.
- Paul


Graphics: 100%
Sound: 86%
Replay/Extras: 100%
Gameplay: 96%
Family Friendly Factor: 100%
System: Gamecube/Playstation 2
Publisher: Ubisoft
'E' for Everyone

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