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The Bible Game   The Bible Game


The BIBLE Game on the Playstation 2 (PS2), and Xbox is a serious contender for Game of the Year on both systems. The gameplay is a mix between Mario Party, and a trivia game. From the start the player(s) (up to four can play in a game) are allowed to pick from a diverse cast of characters. Then the hip game show host appears for the game of: "Do Unto Others." A game board has quite a few boxes with different point values. Select a box, and get either a mini game for yourself, all players, or a trivia question (please note all trivia questions are from the Old Testament only). The second turn the player can pick again or pass to the next player. The reason to pass is one of those boxes is - The Wrath of God. A wrath of God will take away all points that player acquired during that round. Hence there can be some amazing strategy involved.

Graphically this game has bright, and colorful graphics. The character models are not the most advanced on the market, but they are also not hideous either. They are quaint. This game definitely encourages a relationship with God without being preachy, and without shoving it down anyone's throat.

The BIBLE Game ROCKS! The music is from a plethora of diverse Christian musicians. Crave Entertainment picked some of the best songs from current Christian artists like Toby Mac, Newsboys, and Jeremy Camp. The voice acting is done well, and the game show host is humorous at times. The awesome sounds, and music was the first reaction this reviewer had of this game.

This game can be replayed until the cows come home, or until Crave Entertainment releases a sequel. This version of the BIBLE Game is selling for $19.99 as well. This has got to be the best game for that amount of money on the market as of press time. Frugal spenders will get their money's worth with this game.

The gameplay on this game is spot on perfect. The balance of the mini games, and trivia questions is perfect. Some of those trivia questions can seriously humble the player, especially when one puts the game on the higher settings. Do not worry though because on the easy settings most of the questions are answerable. They are multiple choice as well. The controls work well. A couple of mini games take a few times of practice to understand how the game works, but once that is attained they are smooth sailing.

This game is amazingly family friendly. The only docking is for a mini game where snakes are shot with a staff from the Old Testament. The music is safe, the voice acting is safe, the trivia questions are very appropriate, and it has great teachings in it. This game was a joy to play, and we are still playing it. We seriously want some sequels to this game. The more the better in this reviewers opinion.

It is very encouraging to see a game like this out on the market. This is the kind of game that the video game industry was created for. It is our hope and prayer that more video games like this are released. This game receives our much desired Family Friendly Gaming seal of approval.
- Frank

Graphics: 92%
Sound: 100%
Replay/Extras: 100%
Gameplay: 100%
Family Friendly Factor: 98%
System: Playstation 2/Xbox
Publisher: Crave Entertainment
'E' for Everyone

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