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Noddy A Day in Toyland   


Noddy is in his own video game on the Gameboy Advance. For those few not familiar with Noddy, let me learn yah something. Noddy is a little wooden boy who lives in Toyland. His head is on a spring, and when he gets excited his head just keeps a nodding; which is how he got his name. He drives his fellow villagers around, and even delivers packages. He is known to be honest, and kind. This has led to some trouble through either his own misunderstandings, or others playing pranks on him. Noddy is the creation of Enid Blyton (a British author), from way back (1949). Noddy has been in five television series, with the most recent starting in the year of our Lord 2002. He has also been featured in 150 books. Noddy has been around for awhile, and it a big name license when it comes to the family friendly quadrant. This game is rated ‘E’ for everyone, and has no negative descriptors from the ESRB. Noddy is a franchise for children, and this video game fits that age bracket properly.

Graphically Noddy: A Day in Toyland has some large images for a Gameboy Advance cartridge. The graphics are also very bright and colorful (with the exception of the dark forest level). Toyland comes alive in this game. Wholesome images are used properly, and there are quite a few graphical rewards for helping out the other characters in this hand held video game adventure for the ever popular Noddy. The only knock I have on the graphics is some of them are re-used for multiple levels.

I have always been a fan of upbeat, uplifting, and happy music. Music can illicit a lot of different emotions from us. The music in Noddy: A Day in Toyland is completely pleasant, and brought a smile to this reviewers face. The sounds were always very clear, and worked quite well with all aspects of the game. If you want to know how cheerful the music is in this game, then just give this game to a child, and observe their reactions.

Noddy: A Day in Toyland is just that - a day in Toyland. An adult can beat this game in between one and two hours. Depending on the age of the child, depends on how long it will take them to beat it. Each of the levels is fun, and can be replayed, but this is the biggest knock against this game. There are quite a few pictures can be viewed before and after the level has been played. With twelve levels in all it can be a nice, wholesome, and safe distraction for your children.

There are two main kind of levels in Noddy: A Day in Toyland. These levels are driving the little vehicle avoiding all kinds of hazards (bouncing balls, rocks, logs, etc); and side scrolling adventure levels. The side scrolling levels take longer, but the driving levels are actually more fun in this reviewers humble opinion. The controls are very quick and responsive. The control, and level designs work just as they should. This is a fun game to play, with the length/replay issue the only one of concern.

Noddy has an interest in helping those in need, and he is determined to do right. He also stands for truth. This game teaches some of the best lessons that children need to have reinforced. As parents we teach them these good lessons, and it nice to have games like this one. Noddy is safe for the entire family, and there needs to be some sequels to this game (yes we know of the PS2 version in development). - Paul


Graphics: 87%
Sound: 94%
Replay/Extras: 78%
Gameplay: 90%
Family Friendly Factor: 95%
System: Gameboy Advance
Publisher: The Game Factory
'E' for Everyone

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