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My experience with rally racing video games and the WRC franchise in particular is some are hits and some are misses. WRC Generations is a bit fat miss. I found myself extremely disappointed in WRC Generations when I live streamed it on our YouTube channel. That live stream is being converted into a video for our video sites. One of the ways I gauge a video game is how approachable is it to all skillsets. WRC Generations can be purchased on the Nintendo Switch, PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. The publisher for WRC Generations is Nacon. The developer for WRC Generations is KT Racing.

WRC Generations is not approachable by a great many gamers. We can only bump the computer down to fifty percent. Even though I have played rally racing video games for many years I was unable to get a win. The best I ever did was fifth place out of six. Most of the racers I placed in sixth place. There are penalties for respawns, and crashes in WRC Generations. With all the assists on too. Expect a full review of WRC Generations in issue #202 of the always awesome Family Friendly Gaming magazine.
- Paul


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