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EA Sports F1 23 


I hope you were able to catch the live stream I performed of EA Sports F1 23. This racing game contains some interesting things and some annoying this. The back of the case tells players to be the last to brake. I can do that really well in racing games. The problem for me is the tracks have all kinds of curves and I am not able to stay on the tracks being the last one to brake. EA Sports F1 23 can be played on the PC, PS4, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. The publisher for EA Sports F1 23 is EA Sports. The developer for EA Sports F1 23 is Codemasters.

There is a story mode within EA Sports F1 23. It is a new chapter in the Braking Point storyline. I played a bit of this and honestly I found it to be like a lot of the reality television shows. There are these characters trying to have all this drama. I am not convinced anyone would actually react that way to the situations presented before them. To me Braking Point is amped up beyond what anyone would actually say or do. Expect a full review of EA Sports F1 23 in issue #201 of the always amazing Family Friendly Gaming magazine.
- Paul


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