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I am very thankful my dad had the financial resources to purchase WWE 2K22 on the Xbox One. It would have been ten dollars more expensive to get the Xbox Series X or PS5 version at the time of the purchase. Why spend the extra money for a game that has historically had all kinds of problems? That was how all of us here at Family Friendly Gaming looked at it. Plus the PR and Marketing could have sent us a copy of the game if they put their best foot forward to Family Friendly Gaming Universe. They know we call them exactly how we see them. The publisher for WWE 2K22 is 2K Sports. The developer for WWE 2K22 is Visual Concepts.

The glitches and horrible hair/beards really stick out in WWE 2K22 for me. My dad and I did a live stream of WWE 2K22 and we showed off numerous glitches in one hour. How are these games so glitchy so many years later? WWE 2K22 supposedly went back to older retro controls but we found the same problems. The ladder mini game is still lame. The graphical glitches persist. We can hit the referee now but, really spend more time needing the referee to count. Button mashers can never be pinned or submitted. Matches could take forever thanks to how easy it is to get back up (i.e. last man standing). Expect a full review of WWE 2K22 in issue #179 of Family Friendly Gaming magazine and e-magazine. WWE 2K22 can be found on the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.
- Peter


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