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My Singing Monsters Playground 


I am so thankful I had the money to purchase My Singing Monsters Playground on the Nintendo Switch. Families can also find this party game on the PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox One. Some of the characters from My Singing Monsters compete in mini game tournaments within My Singing Monsters Playground. There are twenty-five mini games for families to enjoy within My Singing Monsters Playground. They range from a variety of different style and themes. The developer for My Singing Monsters Playground is Big Blue Bubble. The publisher for My Singing Monsters Playground is Big Blue Bubble.

As we compete in tournaments we earn a special coins that will allow us to get some different costumes for the characters in My Singing Monsters Playground. Every time I played My Singing Monsters Playground I won so I do not know if that is a condition or not. President Trump is completely wrong - I never get tired of winning. Four monsters will compete within My Singing Monsters Playground. We can practice mini games that we have previously unlocked. Expect a full reviews of My Singing Monsters Playground in issue #181 of the always amazing Family Friendly Gaming magazine and e-magazine.
- Paul


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