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Ebenezer and The Invisible World Release Date



San Francisco, CA – August 31st, in the year of our Lord 2023 – Video game publisher Play on Worlds and independent developer Orbit Studio announce that Ebenezer and the Invisible World will be featured at the Mix Online today, at the MIX Seattle Onsite on Friday, September 1st, and at PAX West from Friday, September 1st to Monday, September 4th.

Ebenezer and the Invisible World will be released on November 3, 2023, and will be available on multiple platforms including PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam.

Experience a captivating journey into a reimagined Victorian-fantasy realm inspired by A Christmas Carol. Collaborate with Ebenezer Scrooge and spectral companions to rescue London from Caspar Malthus and his Private Guard.

Delve into diverse districts within Victorian-era London, revealing hidden truths and harnessing distinct Ghost abilities to challenge the multitude of Unrepentant Ghosts. Engage deeply with the storyline through dialogues and cutscenes, unveiling poignant pasts, and navigating a non-linear map.


Meet and unlock powerful Ghosts, each with their own stories and quests to complete, lending their powers to Ebenezer on this adventure.

Explore Victorian-era London across multiple regions of the city and uncover the dark secrets of the Malthus family.

Traverse the world in extraordinary ways with the help of Movement Ghosts, including trapeze artists Rose and Flossie Reed, mountaineer Victoria Peak, professor of time and space Haley Hall, and many others.

Use each Ghost’s special ability to explore the world while fighting a legion of Unrepentant Ghosts who have descended upon London since the return of the Dark Spirit.

Featuring over 40 characters with dialogue, enjoy the narrative through dialogues and in-game cutscenes and learn the tragic backstories of Ghosts now tethered to the mortal world.

Learn and master an intricate map in a classic non-linear, ability gated, Metroidvania.

Collect limited materials such as Ether, Iron, and Mugwort to unlock new items and abilities.

Discover secret areas and rare materials.

All art is hand-drawn featuring frame-by-frame coloring and animations.

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