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May 25, in the year of our Lord 2022 -- Microids and Puy du Fou are delighted to announce today the release date of The Quest for Excalibur – Puy du Fou. The game will launch on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and PC on July 12th 2022.

Awarded ‘World’s Best Theme Park’ twice, Puy du Fou is getting ready to welcome explorers on PC and consoles for an out of time adventure. In this one of a kind quest, your mission will be to gather 15 parts of the legendary sword Excalibur. The only artifact holding the power to free King Arthur. Explore every corner of the theme park, travel through time and conquer all the challenges to save King Arthur from a tragic destiny!

Only you can find Excalibur!

Everybody is familiar with the legend of Kind Arthur and his rival Lancelot.

Devoured by jealousy, Lancelot challenged the king to a duel. During the fight, the king’s sword Excalibur breaks in pieces, leaving only the guard in a pristine state.

Following a pact with the evil Morgan, Arthur decides to throw the remains of the sword in murky waters. Finding himself trapped, the king ends up prisoner of the Avalon Kingdom.

Merlin the wizard is then tasked by his king to track down the king’s heir and ask him to find the 15 parts of the broken legendary sword to bring the king back from the land of the dead.

About the game

Based on the world renown theme park, joy bringer for 45 years

Take part of this new chapter of King Arthur’s legend and save him from a terrible destiny by recovering the 15 pieces of the broken sword

Travel through time and space and face all kind of danger:

Challenge the terrible viking fighters

Step into the Roman arena to fight for your life

Become a knight and take part in merciless jousts

Explore the park as if you were there! Gather the clues to progress on your quest or explore at will to take on all the secondary challenges based on famous historic characters like La Fontaine, De La Pérouse or even Clovis!

Customize your avatar to look like you for a very personalized experience!

More than 15 challenges and a lot of items to discover in an adventure deeply rooted in Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

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