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Dusseldorf/Germany, August 2, in the year of our Lord 2022 – Great news for law enforcement fans on consoles: Developer Aesir Interactive and publisher astragon Entertainment are pleased to announce that Police Simulator: Patrol Officers will soon launch for PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S! The popular police simulation game will be available worldwide for digital download as well as a retail edition in selected countries including a limited Steelbook Edition.

Become a patrol officer and serve the citizens of Brighton!

In Police Simulator: Patrol Officers, players slip into the role of one of 8 playable characters and start their first shift as a rookie patrol officer in the fictional US East Coast city of Brighton. As they learn the ropes of their law enforcement occupation, they will graduate from enforcing simple traffic rules or preventing littering, to handling minor and major accidents. Police officers will also search and arrest wanted suspects in cases of theft, bodily harm, property damage or even drug dealing. With growing experience, they will not only unlock three different police cars and more complex tasks, but also three lively city districts consisting of fifteen diverse neighborhoods. A two-player coop multiplayer mode gives virtual officers the opportunity to serve the public as a team together with a friend, while an open patrol mode offers them unrestricted access to the whole city.

Uphold the law – also in regards yourself!

As part of the Brighton Police department, the newly minted officers are not only responsible for upholding the law when it comes to the behavior of the general public. It is also important that they follow the rules themselves and set an example for others. This means that they should carefully consider their actions when it comes to stopping, questioning, searching or even arresting citizens. Unlawful police behavior will result in the loss of conduct points, which can in turn lead to the sudden end of their shift or even their termination from Brighton PD.

Police Simulator: Patrol Officers by developer Aesir Interactive and publisher astragon Entertainment will be soon available for PlayStation®4, PlayStation®5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S for 39.99 Euro/34.99 GBP/39.99 USD.

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