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Marvelous reveals the second edition of iGi indie Game incubator



Tokyo, Japan - 19th April in the year of our Lord 2022 - The iGi indie Game incubator presented by Marvelous Co., Ltd, is pleased to announce that, after careful consideration by the management teams and in collaboration with GameBCN, a total of 6 teams have been selected to take part in the second edition of the program which started April 15th 2022.

One of the teams selected has confirmed their participation as a special quota to strengthen iGi’s Industry-Academia-Government collaboration.

Teams that did not qualify for the second edition, but excelled in areas such as game design or programming have been selected for three different awards.

The teams selected for the 2nd edition of iGi are as follows:
▪ Kanata Lab - “34EVERLAST”, with the story completable in 10 minutes minimum and no game over, this is fully-packed action entertainment for busy working adults. A touching love story unfolds in a multidimensional universe.\
▪ NONOHARA WORKS - “Calme on the Cliffe”, a 3D action-adventure game set in Calme, a town on top of a cliff. In a world with a culture of ‘cloud sea hunting’ where people dive into the cloud sea below to hunt, the player will face strange creatures that live there.
▪ MONORYLLIS - “Hell Hell”, a jailbreak battle royale game. 10 players will look for the key somewhere on the map to escape from the gate. The player who reaches it first will be the winner.
▪ Shirokurohitsuji - “Rainbow Sea” , a Japanese pixel art adventure game in which the story branches out in many ways depending on the lies that can be chosen from the options available. The player spends an unsettling year as “Ningen-san”, a candidate chosen to be a god, while nurturing relationships with the Seven Lucky Gods.
▪ DON YASA CREW - “SONOKUNI”, an action game created by HIPHOP artists. A top-down, fast-paced action game with high difficulty. A fusion of J-HIPHOP tracks and Japanese sci-fi portrayed with 2D pixel art.

The team selected for the Industry-Academia-Government Collaboration is:
▪ Shinden Games(Kobe Institute of Computing)- “Eternal Labyrinth”, an exhilarating Roguelike game where the player must conquer the labyrinth castle with skills, magic and items. Rusty, the main character, will face the mysterious labyrinth castle that emerged from a gate that suddenly appeared 50 years ago. Catch monsters, fight together, and collect various treasures!

The six selected teams will be given various mentoring and training opportunities in both game development and business, and will have joint exhibits at various domestic and international events with Game BCN and other partners. A demo day for investors and publishers is also planned for September.

▪ Game Design Award - Kihapper (Mineralogy Game)
▪ Programming Award - WatashinoTokoro (Jet Edge Turbo)
▪ Mentor Award - Kam3kiti (Immortal Stone)

Additionally, this year’s edition of iGi has received support from one additional company, NuLab Inc, increasing the total number of supporters to 13 companies and 2 organizations in total.

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