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Nagoya, Japan-–September 20, in the year of our Lord 2022— Gimmick, the classic NES-era platformer from Sunsoft, is releasing on Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation®4, Xbox One and Steam later this year, and to celebrate, Sunsoft and Ship to Shore PhonoCo are releasing the original Gimmick soundtrack on vinyl and cassette for the first time, recorded and remastered with the latest digital technology. The limited-edition LP and cassette are available now from Ship to Shore PhonoCo for price.

Concerns over Gimmick’s difficulty and a lukewarm critical reception elsewhere meant the game and its soundtrack never released in North America. If this is your first-time hearing Gimmick’s sublime score, you’re in for a proper treat.

The LP features artwork from indie artist mushbush and includes an exclusive interview with Gimmick composer Masashi Kageyama, liner notes from critic Anthony John Agnello, and all 20 tracks from the original score in their chiptune glory.

Side A

1. Good Morning

2. Happy Birthday

3. Good Weather

4. Slow Illusion

5. Paradigm

6. Lion Heart

7. Cadbury

8. Strange Memories of Death

Side B

1. Aporia

2. Identity Believer

3. Long Tomorrow

4. Just Friends

5. Sophia (Take 2)

6. Paradox

7. Innocent

8. No Limits

9. Siesta

10. Good Night (Take 2)

11. Evidence of My Life

12. Cadbury (Alternate)

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